Here’s How The Wife of Hulk Is His Total Opposite

The Hulk is a very interesting character in the Marvel Verse. he has the tendency to defeat any superhero or villain no matter how powerful. You see, it is well-known fact that Hulk’s powers know no upper limit. The angrier The Hulk gets the stronger he gets and this goes on ad infinitum. Basically, Hulk is as powerful as the comic writer wants him to be. The man has near unlimited capacity for anger and this translates into Bruce taking the form of World War and World Breaker Hulk as his anger rages ever further on. But today we want to talk to you about the wife of Hulk.

Betty Ross, in the comics, is married to Bruce Banner. She also becomes a Red She-Hulk down the line in the marvel comicverse. This happens, both because of her genealogy ergo the fact that her father is the literal Red Hulk, and her proximity to Banner ( considering the fact that she is married to him). But that is not the most interesting part. The most interesting part about all of this is that Betty has a completely different way of controlling her powers. You see, it has been known for a long time that The Hulk’s power is linked to his anger, vis-a-vis his emotions. He uses these emotions to channel his power. Avengers changed this to his heart rate, but the basic principle is the same.


The Wife Of Hulk Is His Total Opposite

But Betty Ross’s Red She-Hulk is a bit different than all the other versions of Hulk. In Defenders #2 which came out in 2012, Betty Ross was captured by some troublemakers. The cell she and her teammates were locked in had bars made of enchanted metal that came from beyond this Earth. This meant that it was futile no matter how much strength Betty poured into bending or destroying the metal. To combat this Betty asked her teammates to scare her so that she may turn back into her human form so she could slip in-between the bars.


She said, “When Bruce was possessed by that thing – it changed him. … I got scared and…and I Bettied-out. Turned human again”. These lines of dialogue are quite the revelation about how Betty’s powers work in the comicverse. You see, most of the Hulks get more powerful the more intense their emotions. But because Betty has been in complete control of her powers for a long time, intense fear is manifests in her as her changes back into human form. This is quite interesting and most certainly makes the wife of Hulk his complete opposite.


Moreover, there is a good chance that the character has more depth to her than we ever imagined. Betty Ross is the daughter of Thunderbolt Ross and while she had a presence in the MCU, this character has largely been relegated to obscurity because of other more lucrative options. However, that does not mean that we won’t ever get to see her in the MCU. After all, she did return in What If…? Hence, it is completely possible that She-Hulk will pave the way for even more Hulks in the MCU.


The Total Opposite

Now that we think about it, the wife of Hulk is his total opposite in more than one way. Not only could Betty Ross control her powers from the get-go but she also retained her higher cognitive functions when in Hulk form. She had always been conscious of her actions when she took that form. On the other hand, Banner struggled for years just to be able to remember what he did as The Hulk. There is also a world of difference between Banner and The Hulk. Both of them are different people sharing a body.


However, Betty Ross and Lady Red Hulk have always been one person. It is very interesting to see that the comics still like exploring these nitty gritties of their characters.

Let us know what you think about the wife of Hulk down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel DC and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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