10 Famous Actors Who Almost Became The X-Men

The Cast of The X-Men has mostly kept changing throughout the entire run of the franchise. Except for Hugh Jackman, there is no other important character which has not had at least 2 actors play it. Well, we have mostly loved the castings that have happened till now. But, what if this would have happened?? Here is a list of actors who were almost cast as our favorite characters in the X-Men Franchise.

Sigourney Weaver as Emma Frost

When Bryan Singer was still on board to direct X-Men 3, he had intended to introduce the White Queen Emma Frost as a major character. In the movie, she would’ve been an empath, who would have been able to manipulate and control people’s emotions. She would have been a great match for Charles and the plot would have been amazing, but instead, we got “The Last Stand” because Singer left.

Nico Tortorella as Quicksilver

Imagine Evan Peters not being the Quicksilver in the X-men franchise. Yea, in such short time span, he has made us fall in love with his adaptation of the character. Well, he was not the first choice for the role. Actor Nico Tortorella had auditioned and was chosen for the role in Days of Future Past. But, he could not make it due to scheduling conflicts. Well, we all are happy that he did not.

Natalie Portman as Jubilee

Imagine making money for doing exactly nothing on screen for 4 movies. That’s Jubilee for you! Well, this was not the case earlier as Jubilee was supposed to be the character which Rogue became in the first X-Men Trilogy, but the makers thought of making Rogue the central character. So, earlier when Jubilee was in consideration for such a big story arc, Natalie Portman was being eyed for the role, but when the characteristics of the role totally changed, which made Portman unhappy and she left.

Neil Patrick Harris as Nightcrawler

Well, we can totally see this happening. X-2 is considered one of the best movies in the X-men franchise and it brought in the character of Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler. Well, how would you feel if you knew that Barney Stinson/Neil Patrick Harris was the first choice for the role? Well, he did not end up getting it at the end as Alan Cumming was able to speak fluent German, Nightcrawler’s native language.

Zendaya as Storm

We saw Zendaya as Michelle in the latest Spider-Man Homecoming. As producers of X-Men Apocalypse were recasting roles like Jean, Scott, Storm, Nightcrawler, etc. they limelight came at Storm as they were looking to bring in Zendaya for the role. Well, Zendaya felt that the role was not big enough and passed. And now we saw that how big was Michelle in Homecoming. Well done Zendaya!

Summer Glau as Kitty

Earlier, when the makers of X-Men were looking to expand Kitty’s role, they took into consideration an actress who was not a stranger to geek properties and she was Summer Glau. Apparently, she had also auditioned for the role but she was not the fit for what the makers were looking in the character. Ultimately, Ellen Page got the role of Kitty.

Mike Vogel as Angel

When Matthew Vaughn was in-charge of the 3rd X-men movie, he offered Mike Vogel the role of Angel in the movie. Due to scheduling conflicts as Mike was involved with ‘Poseidon’ then, he could not take on the role. It would have been interesting to see him have wings.

Taron Egerton as Cyclops

X-Men Apocalypse brought in a new cast for replacing the old ones for the main characters like Scott, Jean Storm, and Nightcrawler. Well, Egerton had a successful flick ‘Kingsman’ just hit the theatres at that point of time and he was being eyed for the role of Cyclops. He did not take the role as his team management was demanding a higher salary and the role went on to Tye Sheridan.

Jada Pinkett Smith as Storm

Well, Halle Berry was amazing as Storm, but before she came on board for the character, Jada Pinkett Smith was being eyed for the role. She had to turn down the role due to scheduling conflicts. It would have been really amazing to see her as Storm.

Helen Hunt as Jean Grey


While there’s no doubt that Famke Janssen’s performance as Jean Grey is one of the highlights of the franchise and it is very difficult to imagine anyone else in the role. Well, earlier, the producers wanted Helen Hunt to take on the role as she was a very experienced actor. Hunt did not like the role and passed it on and later we saw Famke Janssen in the role of Jean Grey.

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