10 Saddest Things About Venom In The SPUMC

Venom is a very strange creature. He has never truly fit anyone’s archetype as a comic character. He started off as a villain but has become an anti-hero in the comics. The symbiote is no longer purely evil. Instead, he has seen hardships in his journey. He has seen highs and lows and he has grown through each moment of his life and character arc. The SPUMC is a perfect example of this. We have collected the 10 saddest things about Venom in SPUMC. Take a look:

Sensitive Symbiote

For all his scary powers, Venom truly has a very sensitive demeanor. We cannot imagine that he had a lot of constructive communication with other symbiotes. But it seems that Venom’s defense mechanism is to lash out at people. In Let There Be Carnage when Eddie tells Venom that he is annoying, the symbiote resorts to calling Eddie a loser. This is a defense mechanism triggered by Venom’s trauma from toxic communication habits.


He Lost his chickens

In Let There Be Carnage after the fight between Eddie and Venom, there is a big moment where Eddie frees Venom’s chickens. This was a petty move by the human as Eddie did this to hurt Venom. The symbiote had stormed off outside the apartment and Eddie wanted to make sure that he was rid of the symbiote for good. Regardless, it makes us sad that the symbiote lost his pets.


Venom was under House Arrest

Saddest Things About Venom

It’s difficult having a symbiote that is capable of devouring humans at the drop of a hat living inside your body. I don’t reckon anyone of you would be interested in taking this symbiote out for a stroll in the evening. It is understandable why Eddie kept venom inside his apartment but the poor symbiote was stuck in the house for years. He had no one to interact with and had to remain hidden most of the time. This made him a little stir crazy.


I am going to Kill Daddy

The symbiotes are strange creatures. With each new generation, the Klyntars keep getting stronger and stronger. They are capable of fast-paced evolution through reproduction. So it made us incredibly sad that Carnage, a spawn of Venom decided to kill his father at the moment of his birth. Is there no love for the symbiote anywhere on this planet?


He Has Urges

The natural instinct of predators should not be suppressed. It is their natural instincts that make them so lethal, but more importantly, it makes them who they are. Venom’s natural instincts are that of a hunter and a killer. He is a powerful symbiote capable of doing things that are unimaginable for humans. But Eddie keeps chastising the lad for things he cannot control. It is bad for Venom, to suppress these urges.


He’s a nameless hero

Saddest Things About Venom

Venom eats goons, destroys rogue symbiotes, and saves people all the time. His actions usually end up making his neighborhood a safer place to live in. But he never gets the credit for doing those good deeds. It is sad because Venom has not revealed himself to the world yet and hence he cannot claim responsibility for his own actions. Maybe things will change with his MCU appearance.


Shut Out By Eddie

When Eddie found out that Dr. Dan and Anne had been engaged Venom offered his deepest condolences. Eddie basically told the symbiote to piss off and this made the entire thing pretty awkward. This was also the catalyst for their later fight. All things can go sour in a friendship at the drop of a hat.

All he wants is love

Venom tells Eddie in the first movie that he is a loser on his planet, but on earth, he can be more. Venom says this because he thinks that Eddie is a loser too. But Eddie is an Earth loser and Venom is a symbiote loser. Both of these losers aspire to look for love and acceptance in their life. That is the story of SPUMC’s Venom movies.


He Thought Himself Unworthy of Socialising

When Venom left Eddie in Let There Be Carnage he was a bit awkward about going and meeting people, he even thought he was not deserving of socializing with people. Venom feared that if he revealed himself to people, then they would run away. But then he entered a rave and no one seemed concerned with Venom’s appearance. This was because they thought he was in a costume.


Venom was shunned by other symbiotes

As evidenced by Riot’s behavior towards Venom, we could see that Venom was truly a loser among his own people. He was shunned by the other symbiotes and considered inferior to them. This may be the reason why he chose to side with humanity rather than his own kind.

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