10 Supervillains Whose Kids Are Even More Evil

Villains are an essential part of the comics, and having good villains lets you have a story where your favorite hero is opposed by an individual that is totally opposite to him and then he evolves and goes around to beat this evil individual. But, sometimes, evil spreads through generations, as when these Supervillains breed, they sometimes give rise to individuals who are totally lost in villainy! They turn out to be even worse than their parents. Here is a list of villains, whose kids went past them went it comes to immoral acts.

Loki – Val Halefing

Loki may be the best villain in the MCU currently, but we should wait until his child Val arrives. Val is as bad in his intentions as his father was. Loki still had a good side because he was turned the way he is due to jealousy. But, Val is nothing about that, as he is just pure evil. He was cursed by Odin when he was a Teenager that he would age past that age. This backfired on everyone as his immature teenage mind became wilder and just like his father, he is proficient in sorcery, allowing him to control minor demons, teleport, project energy, and even levitate. This actually makes him unbeatable!

Prince N’Jobu – Erik Killmonger

N’Jobu was not a villain, but his acts allowed many Wakandans to lose their lives, which will be counted as a betrayal. Since he was killed by T’Chaka, Erik Killmonger became a villain of T’Chaka’s own making. Killmonger and N’Jobu both had a noble cause, but their ways of fulfilling that were extremely wrong, and Killmonger went way too far with his killings in anger and grief for his father’s death and the discrimination against his race!

Deathstroke – Rose Wilson

The daughter of Slade Wilson and Sweet Lili, Rose Willson joined forces with Slade after coming in his influence, and to prove herself worthy, she even gouged out her eye. Slade then gave her a Kryptonite eye to take down Superman. She later realised that the eye is deteriorating her body, for which she fought her own father. Slade then gave her the same serum that gave him powers, and now she has super enhanced abilities, ability to regenerate and the power of Future Probability Cognition.

Red Skull – Sinthea Shmidt

The daughter of Red Skull, Sinthia Schmidt, known as Sin was a beast of a child, had a high intellect and could go toe-to-toe with superheroes in martial arts. When Red Skull realised that he was perishing, he used his Deus Machina to artificially age Sinthea Shmidt into adulthood in order to pass the torch to her. Sinthea believed in her father’s cause and owned his destiny as her own. She enhanced all her abilities after obtaining the Hammer of Skadi.

Kraven The Hunter – Alexei Kravinoff        

Kraven is a fierce villain but his son, Alexei Sergeevich “Alyosha” Kravinoff  is even ahead of him. He is a pretty known foe of Spider-Man, has heightened Super senses that allow him to track anyone. He has the ability to communicate with animals and travels with his pet wolf Nickel. He even has the ability to regenerate due to his accelerated metabolism.

Ra’s Al Ghul – Talia Al Ghul

Talia is one of the most popular ones in this list as we have seen her show up in multiple movies and TV shows. Talia is one of the few women who have been able to outsmart the Dark Knight. She even lured Bruce into spending the night with her and the result was Damian Wayne. She has now turned into a full on Super-villain who is way ahead of even her father. She once put a bounty of $500 Million on Damian’s head, and even made a clone of him that killed Damian for a while.

Green Goblin – Harry Osborn

Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin is the arch nemesis of Spider-Man. His son also turned to the path of villainy after finding out that Spider-Man had a hand in his death. He is so evil that when he became the Goblin, he ordered the creation of robotic duplicates of Peter’s dead parents to torment Peter.

Lex Luthor – Alexander Luthor Jr.

Lex is the true definition of evil. Alexander Luthor Jr. is the son of Lex and Lois on Earth three. Lex is good on Earth 3, but to prevent his son, he sends him to Earth 1, and there, Luthor Jr. gets influenced by the acts of Lex of that earth, and then he takes up the mantle of his father from that Earth, and starts the Society of Super-Villains. He was the reason behind the death of Shazam!

Riddler – Enigma

Taking up after her father, Enigma is the queen of Riddles, and also sports a Question Mark cane as a weapon. She first worked with the Teen Titans, but then she left the team and joined Deathstroke’s villainous group called    the Titans East gang in order to get acceptance from her father. Now she along with her father takes on Batman pretty frequently.

Thanos – Thane

The biggest entry in this list is certainly the Mad Titan’s son Thane. Just like his father, he is immensely powerful, and sometimes he even loses control over them. he can trap anyone around him with his right hand and leave them in a state of living death, and with his left hand, he can alter all existence, killing everyone within a certain radius. He once trapped his father and went on to destroy the universe.

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