Batman V Superman: 10 Awesome Things About Zack Snyder’s Gem

The 2016 production of the greatest comic book rendition of the most amazing plot, witnessed director Zack Snyder at the helm of the project. The movie has been considered a fabulous piece of work by many fans, however, there are a few who do not share the same thought process. Batman V Superman was one comic book plot that seems to have been pulled off extremely well by Zack Snyder, even though with a few glitches here and there. Here are few mind-blowing facts about Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman, which many of the fans did not know about.

8% body fat

The day Ben Affleck was approached to play the role of Batman in BVS, Ben started his training routine from the very next day. Ben trained for 2 hours a day, gained massive body muscles, and brought down his body fat percentage to a mere 8%.

10th Batman

Across the history of several batman movies coming on the silver screen, Ben Affleck’s version was the 10th appearance of Batman. Since 1943 Ben has been the 10th actor to portray Batman on the silver screen, whereas in the case of Superman Henry Cavill would be the 17th.

Actual Pitch Made in 2001

The actual pitch for the movie’s narrative was made back in 2001. The pitch would have witnessed directors Andrew Kevin Walker & Wolfgang Petersen at the helm of the project and Akiva Goldsman writing the script. The plot of the script would revolve around Batman’s fiancée getting murdered by the ‘Clow Prince of Gotham’ – Joker. And become the reason for Batman going on a rampage and being intercepted by Superman, to bring a stop to his raging madness.

The 3rd Man factor

In the movie, Clark Kent is paid a visit, by his step-father Jonathan Kent. The scene portrays the events of a psychological method employed by many shrinks across the globe called the 3rd man Factor. The method employs one to concentrate on, the one person who would give you the best advice when you see no way out of the situation. Especially at a time when one is stuck in a situation with almost no return, like on top of a mountain.

The Iconic Dark Knight Returns Shot

Things About Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman

Zack Snyder is a huge fan of Frank Miller’s written comic narrative of the Dark knight returns, comics. Zack’s love for comics was so deep, that in the movie Batman V Superman, he replicated an iconic pose made by Miller’s batman on the cover of the comics. If one sees both the posters, there is a striking resemblance between both the poses and seemed like gratitude to Frank Miller from Zack, for making his childhood awesome.

Ben Affleck Was Warned From Accessing The Web

Warner Bros. had warned Ben Affleck from going to any social media platforms before the release of the movie, afraid of him seeing the negative reactions from the crowd. Ben Affleck said that even despite the warnings from Warner Bros., he went to a messaging board where he saw the comment “Affleck as Batman? NOOOOO!!!” and immediately went offline.

The Right Height

To get the dynamics and plot of the story right, Zack was looking for an actor whom Henry would have to look up to. The narrative needed an actor who could not only play Batman but could also challenge Superman on a physical level. Ben Affleck stands at an impressive 1.92 m compared to Henry Cavill who is 1.85 m tall.

Director Affleck

Things About Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman
Things About Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman

Warner Brothers first approached Ben Affleck to direct the movie, but after Ben refused the offer it went to Zack Snyder. One still cannot stop to pause and contemplate the possibilities, if Ben Affleck would have said “Yes” in the first place.

The Bat Armor

The super armor which Ben Affleck dons in the movie is not exactly a reasonable bargain. At the end of the movie when Ben Affleck requested if he could take the bat suit home, he was obliged by the costume department, only if he was willing to pay up $100,000 upfront in exchange for the caped crusaders, the most powerful weapon.


Staying true to the story’s tradition, a British actor was to be wound in to play the character of Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler. Warner bros’ first preference was Timothy Dalton, the star who played the iconic James Bond.

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