10 Mind Blowing MCU Phase 4 Rumors That We Hope To Be True

If all continue to go well, MCU will rock the movie world and push new records into the Box Office. But what happens next after Thanos is dealt with? What do the Avengers stand for? We may have some news for you guys.

Iron Man 4

Robert Downey Jr. is on a roll right now. He has become the flagship that defines the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now. But RDJ is not here to stay anymore. He is all set to step down from the mantle of the Iron Man but rumors are rife that RDJ is going to return for another Iron Man movie. The Mandarin will return as the villain. Not the goofy Ben Kingsley version. A real menacing one to shiver everyone’s whiskers.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014, Robert Downey Jr. said Iron Man 4 is almost a done deal. He hesitantly said yes to her on whether he would do another outing as Iron Man. But then there was a change of heart in 2015 and he said that Captain America: Civil War was his little Iron Man 4. He recently hinted that he would like to move on in his career and life before Tony Stark aka Iron Man becomes too embarrassing.

A Hulk Movie

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The enormous green rage monster is the second most favored superhero among the comic book fan-base of Marvel Comics. In the past, there have been two independent Hulk movies, in the first one Eric Bana played the green monster while in the second one Edward Norton was “The Hulk”. Finally, Hulk was re-introduced into the MCU and Mark Ruffalo is our near perfect Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

For years fans have been demanding a Hulk solo movie since the franchise was left midway without proper closure. Given the massive fan following of the character, he should get a solo movie tied to MCU storyline. But Hulk has a shared right with another production house – Universal Pictures. Now with Disney getting on board for the second round of talks with the production giant. A Hulk solo movie just might be possible with Mark Ruffalo or an outright recasting of the hero with a new actor playing the lead.

Nakia becomes Malice

One of the purest couples in all of the MCU is Nakia and T’Challa. In the comics, Nakia is actually a villain. She is obsessed with T’Challa and tries to kill his American Ex-Girlfriend. She is caught red-handed and banished. Nakia would later become a villain called Malice. But the movies have taken a different route and it bodes well with the overall arc. We don’t want Marvel to destroy that in the future.  

Captain Marvel 2

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is already getting her own movie. She will be seen heading an organization called S.W.O.R.D that specializes in countering extraterrestrial threats. Skrulls will be the big bad of the movie. According to a new report, the mysterious Skrull characters are actually Annelle (Daughter of Skrull emperor), Dorrek VII (Skrull emperor) and Titannus (he was part of Super Skrull program).

Captain Marvel 2, if it ever happens, will need a fresh new alien threat. But by then Captain Marvel would have become the new leader of “The Avengers” or “New Avengers”.

A Blade Reboot

Weasley Snipes as Blade helped it rise to be one of the most action-packed movies of the supernatural genre. But as the trilogy came to an end, Blade’s popularity waned. Doctor Strange has taken the center stage in the supernatural aspect of the MCU.

Maybe we see Blade coming back to help Strange to push back more of the magical threats. The Darkhold could make an appearance here. It is almost confirmed that we will see more magic and mysticism in the future MCU movies beyond Avengers 4.

Ghost Rider reboot

Ghost Rider was awesome. The sequel not so much. Ghost Rider has a lot of potentials but he hasn’t been portrayed right in the movie. Nicholas Cage’s maniacal acting skills are the right tone for the rider but the production house and the direction is not. The Rider belongs to the MCU. It is the time the rumors are true about him.

Marvel has just introduced a new cosmic version of Ghost Rider in the comic-book titled Thanos #13 written by creative team of writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw. He appears with bright red chains on a flaming motorcycle streaking across the sky. He is from the future endowed with spirit of vengeance and cosmic powers as former herald of Galactus. He is “black right hand” of the Final King.

Marvel TV Characters will star in their own movie

Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Agents of SHIELD are all great TV Shows. Marvel’s “The Defenders” was a TRP juggernaut which brought huge Marvel fan community together rallying around heroes of NY.

Now that Marvel has successfully launched Defenders on small screen, it is time for the individual heroes of New York to star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or maybe in their own separate movie.

Spiderman-Venom Crossover

Spidey is already on a roll with Homecoming. Now with Peter Parker back into the MCU, there is already talk of a sequel which is definitely gonna happen someday. And when it does, the plot is already speculated to center around the Venom Symbiote.

It is difficult to imagine a movie like this would ever happen since Sony owns the rights to Venom. But with the Disney-Sony mega-deal, all options are open and the studio should not go for the second-rate Sinister Six, instead, Venom is always the better choice for the villain.

A Secret Invasion movie

Skrulls are already rumored to be present in the MCU as per fan theories. Captain Marvel will truly address this long-held doubt and shed some light on the truth about the presence of the shape-shifting villains in the Marvel-verse.

But Skrulls most acclaimed related story arc include the Secret Invasion arc and it is too big to be compressed into one movie. Maybe the Skrulls have already replaced a plethora of Avengers. Maybe they are waiting for the perfect moment to strike. A whole new phase could be built on this.

Rise of The Illuminati


In the comics, the Illuminati consists of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Professor X, Black Bolt, Namor and Captain America. Each represents one facet of the superhuman community namely Technology, Magic, Mutantkind, Inhumans, Atlantis, and Humanity respectively.

All of them except Professor X already exist in the MCU. With Disney-Fox deal in the pipeline, it is entirely possible for the super secret organization to make an appearance in the MCU and eliminate threats before they even happen like they do in the comics.

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