10 Strongest Superheroes of Justice League Dark- Ranked

The Justice League is DC Universe’s greatest fighting force against evil. They have saved the world countless times from evil from different dimensions, universes, and even realities. They even fight super villains that operate right under their noses. But sometimes, even the Justice League falls short. When magic raises its head above the horizon, most of the League members are not equipped to take on supernatural forces using the arcane arts as weapons. That is where Justice League Dark comes in. Each member of the Justice League Dark superhero team is a magic-based superhero who is the DC Universe’s foremost authority in the mystic arts in his or her own right.  Presenting – 10 Strongest Superheroes of Justice league Dark- Ranked!

 10. Shade the Changing Man

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

Shade is not actually a DC Comics character. He first debuted in Vertigo Comics, a DC Comics imprint with another set of superheroes. Shade came to the forefront in the 1970s and only recently became a part of the mainstream DC comic book universe after the Flashpoint storyline. Shade’s real name is Rac Shade and he is a former inhabitant of the Meta-World. He utilizes a supernaturally endowed vest called the M-Vest. The M-Vest allows Shade to alter reality and even open portals to other dimensions. It can even generate force-fields. Shade’s M-Vest powers depend on his mental and psychological state. Shade was once the guy that served as Madame Xanadu’s right-hand man and helped her recruit members for Justice League Dark. But Shade’s past is very tumultuous. His powers make him very powerful but his mental state after the loss of her lover is highly unstable and so he does not stay with the team for a long time.

 9. Zauriel

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

Zauriel is an angel from the realm of heaven sent to earth to protect innocent lives. Zauriel’s origin story saw a drastic change after the New 52 storyline shook up the DC Comic Book Universe. Zauriel is the guardian angel of the Phantom Stranger and is tasked by God himself to protect him. He teamed up with Justice League Dark to fight the Blight, a monstrous creature born out of all of Humanity’s Sins combined. Zauriel’s power sets include a sonic scream, a direct psychic link to heaven and the power of flight as well as superhuman physical attributes. Zauriel would die fighting the Blight but was later resurrected in Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Strange #21.

 8. Etrigan the Demon

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

Etrigan is actually a demon from hell bound to the body of a human host that goes by the name Jason Blood. Both Etrigan and Jason Blood hail from Arthurian times and were basically Merlin’s test subjects. Merlin wanted to see if he can control the unstable but highly powerful demon warrior. Etrigan has a great many powers like breathing hell-fire and the strength to lift an entire building. He also has magical immunity, superhuman attributes of strength, stamina, endurance and durability and is known to be a very adept close combat fighter.

 7. The Phantom Stranger

The Phantom Stranger is a mysterious entity that is like a supernatural Metron. He sees everything but cannot act on his own, which is his curse. Some claim that Phantom Stranger is actually the biblical Judas Iscariot, the traitor that sold out Jesus Christ. As a result, Judas was cursed into becoming the Phantom Stranger and he roams the earth in his immortal form, capable of immense supernatural feats like energy projection, teleportation, and cosmic awareness. But he can never act upon his impulses. Imagine, having all the power in the world but not having the luxury to do anything with it.

 6. Deadman

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

Deadman’s real name is Boston Brand. Boston Brand was an acrobat working in a circus. He was killed by an assassin and his spirit was caught between the realm of the dead and the living by the god-like entity known as Rama Kushna. Boston became Deadman and had the abilities of a ghost. He was invisible, had the power to become intangible and even possess other human beings. Boston has been quite a valuable asset to the Justice League Dark team. As Deadman, he was the one who helped June Moone after she was separated from her Enchantress persona in the third issue of the first volume of Justice League Dark.

 5. Madame Xanadu

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

Madame Xanadu is actually a sorceress from Arthurian times called Nimue. She has been one of the DC universe’s greatest authorities on magic and is one of the oldest members of the DC Superhero community. Xanadu is known to use Tarot Cards to accurately predict the future. In a premonition that showed her how the Enchantress will destroy the world, she decided to conjure up the Justice League Dark superhero team and help them prevent the future. It was later revealed that Madame Xanadu was the one who was responsible for separating June Moone from the Enchantress which was the reason for everything going wrong in the first place.

 4. Zatanna

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of famous magic-based superhero and adventurer, Giovanni Zatara. Unlike her brother Zachary Zatara who is a top-notch opportunist that only uses his magical powers for his own gain, Zatanna is actually a genuinely caring and benevolent superhero who tries to help people using her magic. Zatanna’s powers allow her to conjure any form of magic if she could recite the words backward. This is a powerful ability with a simple flaw – if she is gagged, she is virtually powerless. Zatanna would be one of the first members of the Justice League Dark team and would later go on to become its leader by Justice League Dark #30.

 3. John Constantine

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

John Constantine is Batman, if Batman was a big-time alcoholic, bisexual and British. Constantine is in many ways the glue that keeps the team together. While he is not liked by everyone, he is a very well-known personality in the magical world and it is his aura of popularity that keeps the team running. John Constantine is known to have several mystical tricks up his sleeves at all time, is one of DC universe’s greatest magicians and is a very good detective like Batman. His abilities are several and range from conjuring god-like magical energy to even demons and other creatures from the depths of other dimensions to aid him in battle. John Constantine was one of the founding members of Justice League Dark and was one of the first members to be contacted by Xanadu and Shade to join the team. He also helped the team stop Felix Faust’s magical rampage when the ancient magician tried to take over the world.

 2. Swamp Thing

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

Swamp Thing was once just a guy called Alec Holland. After being murdered in a swamp that turned out to be the gateway to the Tree of Wonder, Swamp Thing was born. The Swamp Thing is the guardian of the Green, the mystical life force that connects all plant life together. So Swamp Thing is the world’s greatest Florokinetic – manipulator of plant and tree life. Swamp Thing is a hulking being that also has the ability to regenerate from any harm or damage done to his body since he is literally made out of plant mas. Swamp Thing is responsible for protecting the Parliament of Trees from malevolent supernatural forces. He is by far the strongest and most powerful member of Justice League Dark.

 1. Wonder Woman

Strongest Superheroes in Justice League Dark

While she may not look like it, but Wonder Woman is a product of pure magic. She is the daughter of Zeus himself, which gives her a powerful mystical connection and background from birth. She is also equipped with magical bracelets and the magical rope of Hestia that further make her a magic-based superhero. She may not know how to conjure magic but she sues all sorts of arcane equipment in combat. Her supernaturally endowed enhanced physical attributes make her super strong, inhumanly fast and very durable. She is also immune to several forms of magic. After a spell was cast on her by Hecate, it is later revealed that Wonder Woman is also immune to the effects of the very source of all magic.

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