12 Crazy Revelations By Filmmakers That Will Surprise You

Movies are not a one-time thing for fans and cinephiles. We keep going back to them for digging more questions, hidden meaning, and other secrets. Whether they are relevant or not, these pieces of information are of the utmost value to us. Fans are still tied to the age-old classics like “The Matrix” or “The Shawshank Redemption” because of the various theories and Easter eggs that stir up from time to time. But in some cases, the filmmakers, authors, or other creative teams attached to the project are ahead of us and spill fascinating beans. We have gathered the craziest revelations by filmmakers that will surprise you and leave you speechless.

 1. Deadpool’s Sexual Orientation in Deadpool

According to co-director Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool’s sexual orientation keeps changing from time to time. The constant regeneration of his brain tissue makes him pansexual. Can’t wait to see him hit on Spider-Man.

 2. Arthur Fleck’s Laugh in Joker

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Arthur’s eerie laugh in Joker was one of the most prominent and consistent elements throughout the film. His laughing during uncomfortable moments was a condition that he had to control over. But the laughter that we heard during the end came from his heart. It was genuine that erupted from the chaos he had witnessed.

 3. Thanos’ Snap in Avengers: Infinity War

In the comic books, Thanos wanted to use Infinity Gauntlet only to impress his Lady Death and to satisfy his sinister heart. But the Thanos in the MCU movies was more righteous in his head and had a reason for his actions. He was convinced that his snap would wipe out half the population and save everyone from starving. All he wanted was to preserve the resources but the consequences were far grimmer. According to Russo Brothers, the snap would have wiped out not only humans but also animals, plants, and every other living thing. It means that all his hard work, battles, traveling across universes, and sacrificing his daughter amounted to nothing.

 4. Wizard Blood In The Harry Potter Universe

Most of the pure-bloods and Dolores Umbridge showed contempt and injustice towards muggle-born wizards. But they were wrong on both moral and factual grounds. According to J.K. Rowling, every muggle-born wizard and witch inherited their powers from their great ancestors. So, to the pure-bloods horror, these powers popped up from nowhere.

 5. Killmonger’s Parents In Black Panther

Black Panther 2 Villains

Ryan Coogler spilled some beans on the rivalry between T’Challa and Killmonger that dates way back. According to him, Killmonger’s dad, N’Jobu, and Zuri were planning to rescue Killmonger’s mother out of prison when T’Chala showed up in 1992. Black Panther’s father T’Chaka killed N’Jobu which escalated the hatred between the two youngsters.

 6. The Hobo in The Polar Express

Many viewers were left wondering about the Hobo’s backstory. Some perceived him as the spirit of Christmas while others took him as a metaphor for something else. But the real deal is eerier than you thought to be. The hobo was the ghost of a dead person who was once traveling by the roof but got smacked when the train entered a tunnel. Ouch!

 7. The Ending In 13 Reasons Why

The writer of the sensational “13 Reasons Why”, Jay Asher had a different idea for the ending. Instead of the painful loss of Hannah, he had decided to save her at the last moment. He was inspired by a real-life story where a family member of Asher had survived a suicide attempt.

 8. Alternate Endings in The Fault In Our Stars

The famous ending of the heartbreaking love story of Hazel and Augustus was supposed to go in a different direction. Instead of Augustus’ death, John Green had planned to kill Hazel in a shootout by a drug lord.

 9. Harry and Voldemort in the Harry Potter Universe

There are some wild things about the Harry Potter universe that diehard movie fans may not know. Harry and his mortal enemy, Lord Voldemort was related. If you have read the books, you must have calculated the family tree. Both Harry and Voldemort descend from the Peverell parentage. Peverell’s were the three brothers in the original Deathly Hallows tale. One of them with the cloak was Harry’s ancestor, while the other with the resurrection stone was Voldemort’s.

 10. Tarzan’s Beard in Tarzan

Crazy Revelations By Filmmakers
Crazy Revelations By Filmmakers

Many young and old fans have wondered how Tarzan didn’t have any facial hair. Well, Tarzan and the Apes, the first book by Edgar Rice Burroughs explained that the boy found a knife in the belongings of his dead parents. He uses it later to shave his face.

 11. The Pills In The Matrix

Lana and Lilly Wachowski were asked which pill they would choose if given the same options as Neo. Both the directors promptly went with the blue pills without taking much time to think. The truth fears the creators as well.

 12. The Sugar Bowl in A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Crazy Revelations By Filmmakers
Crazy Revelations By Filmmakers

So what is inside the sugar bowl? That’s a mystery that has compelled many readers to scratch their heads. The mystery wasn’t solved in the books but was revealed by the author on Netflix which showed that the bowl contained a cure for the fungus.

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