Loki Plot Leak Features an Evil Thor and Lady Loki

Loki Plot Leak:

The Loki series had only been shot for a few days before the Coronavirus shut all production down. The series will begin shooting by next month, but we’re sure that a lot of production is still left. But since the series has been shot, it is obvious that the script was complete. Hence, any latest plot leak could turn out to be true.

A new Plot Leak has arrived via Youtube Channel, The Cosmic Wonder. And it certainly is quite interesting as there’s obviously a Lady Loki involved, which has already been confirmed. Sophia Di Martino has been seen on set in the Lady Loki suit. Moreover, this plot leak also features an evil Thor from an alternate Universe. So let’s get right into it:

“The Loki series will begin in a room of interrogation with the TVA (The Time Variance Authority). Special Agent Mark (Owen Wilson) will be briefly introduced in Loki and when they caught Loki, he had the tesseract in his hand and of course the TVA took the Tesseract from him. While in custody of the TVA, they blamed the entire events of the first Avengers film on him. In the events of the first Avengers film, they opened up a wormhole and this wormhole led to other universes, and now it’s up to the TVA to fix this. Special agent Mark then takes looking to what is called a Zero Time Zone.”

We’re not told a lot about the Zero Time Zone, but Warren here explains that it is a place where there is essentially no time. You can actually of go over events that have already happened, kind of like how Tony Stark works through his holograms, but this would feel more real. You could slow downtime or even reverse it. Mark will probably take Loki through the events that happened in The Avengers and show him how a wormhole was created in the multiverse. Till now, things do make sense because we’ve known that the TVA will be a part of the series as that was made clear when Marvel launched the first look at 3 Disney+ shows at Super Bowl 2020.

The leak continues:

“The TVA people show him how the rift created 3 different universes – The main universe with The Avengers, an alternate version of Earth, and the universe in which there was a Quantum Catastrophe. The TVA then explains how Loki is going to help some fix this problem. Loki of course refuses and then he attempts to break out. He breaks out of his handcuffs tosses an agent to the side and then sneaks past guards of the room where the Tesseract is being held. Loki runs to the Tesseract and almost touches it, but then time suddenly starts to run a backwards. Agent Mark ends up rolling back time and they end up in the room of interrogation where they started off. He tells Loki that he has no choice.

Mark leaves Loki alone in the room and on the table there are files of the deaths of Odin, Frigga and Loki at the hands of Thanos. It leads Loki to see that in a different timeline of Thanos kills him. Next, a character names Mr. Mills orders Mark to proceed to the second part of the plan. We enter a huge TVA room with hundreds of TVA employees that look almost the same. They all look like Mark.

Now this is just like in the comics. The TVA agents look exactly like each other. So, far the leak seems quite interesting. P.S, the character who goes by Mills will probably be played by Richard E. Grant, who has also been cast in the show. It continues:

“In the room we meet a character called Mobius. In the comics, Mobius is a frequent manager and is also a clone of Mark. He is monitoring what is called “The Fault for information.” He ends up finding a female version of Loki and he tells Mark to go check it out. Mark takes along with him some soldiers and he goes to the location. However while Mobius is examining it, he finds out that it’s actually an alternate Earth where Loki actually killed Thor, and now he’s going on to battle at New York.

We then cut back to the room in which Loki is at. Mark throws Loki a bracelet that says TVA on it, which all prisoners of the TVA where. Mark goes on to explain the situation about the alternate Universe saying that it’s in danger of being destroyed. The fault no longer stops, and they need to fix this on all three different universes that the wormhole opened. Mark tells Loki that they’re going to need to cheat time, and he’s going to need the God of Deception to do it. Loki says “Gods? You wanna call another me?” And Mark says, “no someone better than you.”

This is where Lady Loki gets teased for the first time. Up next, Agent Mills does something mysterious, and Sophia Di Martino shows up as Lady Loki:

We then go back to agent Mills who is seemingly being controlled by an unknown character. We see him go into a secret room inside his office, one that has many different time devices, digital clocks, mechanical clocks and our glasses. We find out that he’s able to control time and universes through these devices. We then see Mark, Loki and the rest of the TVA soldiers land on the alternate Earth. it’s pouring down raining.

Mark says that they’re heading to a site where something strange is happening. But, he also explains that they cannot run into The Avengers, so they must take the object and leave before they run into them. Loki offers to play a time trick, but mark explains that it won’t work here. It’s only possible in the Zero Time Zone. They get to the location of the event and they see female Loki. It turns out that she’s actually not the villain, but she’s trying to stop the event from happening.

We then see a black hole that is absorbing and sucking in everything around it. It creates copies of itself absorbs a black hole, and then burns out. The black holes end up creating 10 different clones of the female Loki. Mark yells that it’s useless now and he asked her to move away. But instead, she throws Mark and the rest of his soldiers to the side. Loki Meanwhile has done nothing and is just standing there in the background until him and Lady Loki lock eyes. When this happens we see a flash of bright light. And here we see some flashbacks of the origin of female Loki on an alternate version of Asgard that has an evil version of Thor an adult whose face we never see. But from the few scenes it becomes clear that Thor always dreamed of the throne. In a struggle to obtain the throne, he killed his father Odin.

We’ve always wondered what would happen if Thor were to be evil. Not only will this topic be explored in MCU’s What if…? series, but it seems that even the Loki series will have a jab at it. The leak continues:

“After that, several flashbacks of battles that show a dead body of Thor on the ground, and female Loki on the throne. We go back to normal present time in which Loki and the female Loki lie on the ground unconscious. The TV agents managed to delay the last black hole so all of them can flee. They grab both Lokis and get on the capsule and flee. While on the capsule, Mark explains why the 2 Lokis passed out. He says that alternate versions of characters should never meet themselves. He also explains that some force out there is trying to Unite the universes which would lead to the destruction of all alternate versions of them, leaving only one.

We return back to the interrogation room and Loki staring at the female version of Loki in fright. Mark then enters the room, looks at Loki and says, “I need to show you something.” They go to a different room where the flow of time is represented by the projection of a River. Mark says that The Fault affected 586 events in the universe, the universe of the original Avengers. The events created a time machine and he says that the main problem is not that we need to govern something, but rather we actually need to repeat some of the events. That way the fault can be erased. He asks Loki to stay out of it, but then he brings up the period of the 1960s. He turns to Loki and says, “You need to kill someone.”

This is where the leak ends. What did you guys think of all this elaborate information. If it isn’t true, then someone has worked extremely hard trying to write a story according to the little information that is available about the series. The most interesting part about this leak is that it states that someone out there is trying to bring multiple Universes together. That won’t just be a start for the Secret Wars storyline, but it’d directly be linked to the plot of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So, if this leak turns out to be true, then we’re certainly in for a crazy ride.

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