4 Anti-Heroes That Put Even Superheroes To Shame

Anti-heroes are loved by most of the people because they don’t follow the goodie good image that the superheroes keep but actually, are convinced by their own methods of getting the job done. Down here is a list of a few anti-heroes that we all love.


Though he started off as a villain, when Eddie Brock is possessed by the alien symbiote, in the recent years Venom has become somewhat more of an anti-hero, found often pairing up with Spider-Man to defeat various villains such as Carnage. He wants to protect the innocent but is brutal with the villains, probably end us killing them.

The Punisher

Frank Castle actually wanted to be a priest, but his non-forgiving nature made this impossible, and he chose a very different part to do the God’s work. After his family is brutally killed by the mob, Castle becomes a vigilante and uses methods like killing, kidnapping, violent attacks, extortion to hunt down criminals. He is very inhuman when it comes down to him being with the villains.


A bit anti, regarding the other anti-heroes on this list, but Marvel’s one of the favourite character sure has a weaker moral code than the rest of his team, usually found in a grumpy temperament he doesn’t show the bad guys any, and we really mean any mercy at all, well he’s often seen slicing villains like cake. You wouldn’t want to catch him in a bad mood.



This guy here is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite mercenary. Of course, his mutation is cool, he is a great fighter, but why he is loved the most by his fans is for his attitude, Kicking a bad guy’s butt is good, but doing that while making fun of him and killing two more men at the same time is way cooler. Undoubtedly this is why the Deadpool 2 film is eagerly been awaited.

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