10 DC Superheroes Who Should Be Considered For Justice League 2

After the Avengers, DC is now finally bringing their Superhero team on the big screen. We are going to see at least 6 DC Superheroes in Justice League, namely Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. Other than these 6, Green Lantern and Shazam are already confirmed to join the League in the future. As the roster of Marvel has grown so big, we expect to see a huge DC roster too as the members of Justice League. Here is a list of characters that should be added to the big team of DC in the future.


We have already seen that magic exists in the DCEU and we should thank Suicide Squad for that. Well, if a magician has to be added to the Justice League, Zatanna would just be perfect. She’s a natural fighter and a good team player. After appearing in the Justice League, maybe she gets to even form her own team with John Constantine, i.e. Justice League Dark.

Green Arrow 

With the fan base that CW shows have created for the DC characters, it would be really stupid to not bring a character like Green Arrow on the big screen. The Flash was really necessary for the Justice League, but Arrow could really be a great addition to the team as well.

Black Canary 

Black Canary has recently got a lot of fame and hype amongst the fans because of CW and Injustice 2. Adding a badass female superhero to the team would just be great for the team as people would really love to see her kick some ass!


Ray Palmer/ Atom has been depicted very well in the Arrowverse, but it is actually very different to the source material as the Atom is now a super suit that could shrink down and has the ability to fly. A very different and true to the comics version can be brought in Justice League in the future. DCEU will also get a sort of Ant-man then.


Bringing Shayara of Thanagar could not only bring a unique character to the mix, but it will also add a great storyline in the future where Thanagarians invade earth and the Justice League has to battle them to save earth yet again.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold is easily one of the favorite members of the Justice League. He brings in a lot of humor along with his mighty powers and that is surely what the DCEU needs right now. There were reports that a Booster Gold movie is being set up which is not a part of the DCEU. If that is the case, then WB have completely lost their minds.


We all love Colossus! Well, DC has their own counter-part for Colossus, i.e. Steel. Steel is a great character and it would be really amazing to see him take his metal form and kick a lot of ass along with the other league members.  This version of the hero is actually from the Arrowverse, and if a different version has to be brought on then a version true to the comics would be a great idea. Dr. John Irons develops a suit of power armor that puts him up there with the big boys of the Justice League. The super-suit grants him strength, flight and the ability to communicate with people all over the Earth.


Orion was raised among the New Gods instead of the fire-pits of Apokolips alongside his father and his minions. Away from his father, Orion was able to learn how to control his rage and use his powers in a positive way. Orion plays a special role in the eventual demise of his father, Darkseid. Adding this huge and powerful character in the war against Darkseid would just be a treat to watch.


Kara Zor El would be an awesome addition to the DCEU, considering what Supergirl is doing on her CW show. people really love the character and some fans already think that Supergirl exists within the DCEU presently. The latest Justice League trailer gave a huge hint at her presence and if that turns out to be true when the movie finally hits the theaters, fans are going to lose their minds with happiness and joy.

Martian Manhunter    Justice League

The sole survivor of Mars would be the greatest and most demanded character to be added in JusticeLeague in the future. The set of powers that the character has is just amazing and fans would surely want to see a version of the beloved character on the big screen, considering how much impact he could make with the rest of the league.

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