New Rumor Suggests That Marvel Is Developing A World War Hulk Movie

Hulk has established himself as one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was due to the fact that all the movies have been able to give us a fair idea of what is happening to Mark Ruffalo other than the events mentioned in the film. One of the most interesting detail has to be the massive transformation that the relationship between Hulk and Bruce Banner has undergone over the years. But the character hasn’t actually gotten his own solo venture since the Incredible Hulk film which was not the best thing to come out of MCU. There have been hints of a possible solo venture at works for Hulk for a long time now. It seems that Marvel is developing a World War Hulk movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Hulk is one of the most important Avengers and has been a part of every single Phase of the MCU. There was a time when the character’s first solo venture, The Incredible Hulk, was considered to be not canon with the MCU. This was majorly because of two very essential reasons. One of the reasons was because the movie even though had a narrative wasn’t very successful with fans or the critics. Another reason was that the character of Bruce Banner was portrayed by Edward Norton and it was later recast with Mark Ruffalo in the first Avengers film. This was mostly because of issues with the actor that were hinted at in the very first film.


But it seems that this has changed over the years as it has become more and more apparent how essential the movie was to the MCU. This year only we got to witness two essential characters from the 2008 film make an appearance in two different projects. Tim Roth’s Abominations was seen in Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. General Ross’s character, played by William Hurt, is also an essential part of the MCU with multiple appearances over the years. Even this year we got to see him in the Black Widow film as he was trying to grab hold of Natasha following the events of Captain America: Civil War. 


Fans have wanted to see Hulk in his own solo venture as he was actually considered amongst the characters who haven’t had their own solo ventures considering the failure of the first film. He has played a vital role alongside other characters in mostly team-up projects of some fashion. The original film was distributed by Universe Studios, who had the distribution rights but not the rights to make a film on the character. Universal has leveraged this right in order to not allow Marvel to release a sole venture based on character considering Disney won’t allow any other studio to distribute the title.


Marvel is Developing a World War Hulk Movie

According to the GWW, Marvel has been working on a solo venture for the character that is going to have the title World War Hulk. The project is supposed to start production in the latter part of 2022, post the debut of the She-Hulk series on Disney+ which is also supposed to feature Bruce Banner/Hulk. Considering the production date for the film we can be sure that the movie will come out in late-2023 or early-to-mid 2024.

According to the outlet: “this film is also said to be yet another piece in the puzzle that also sets up a future film project [they] hope to reveal later.” But fans should be aware that there has been no confirmation regarding this by either Disney or Marvel Studios and hence it remains to be a rumor for now.


Finally, we will get to see a film that will properly explore the character of Hulk in a solo venture. There were various rumors suggesting that She-Hulk might introduce Hulk’s son, Skaar. This could actually come to fruition if the plans for the film might come true. The original storyline for World War Hulk was touched and even expected to be a major part of Thor: Ragnarok but some key moments were still left out.

Marvel is developing a World War Hulk movie

Well hopefully, the new report is true we’ll get to see a proper interpretation of this storyline in the coming movie. Marvel Studios has 5 release slots vacant that go from November 2023 to November 2024. So, if the World War Hulk movie does begin production in 2022, then we could see it take one of those 5 slots. I really hope this one would come out in 2024, and not any later than that.

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