Doctor Strange: An EPIC Theory just got Confirmed by Marvel

It’s not long before we finally get to see Doctor Strange on the big screen on November 5. But! Wait for it!! Yes, it’s finally been confirmed. The green gem that you see around Doctor Strange’s neck is (as we confirmed earlier) the Eye of Agamotto – the Time Travelling Infinity Stone.


It was only recently that Barry Gibbs revealed to ComicBook.com that, “Strange’s Eye of Agamotto contains something that looks suspiciously like an Infinity Stone”. This was something that we had speculated a long time back. Wasn’t it?!

Another thing that gets your attention is the statement by Kevin Feige – “we don’t get into it in this movie”. “The present day films take place within the chronology of the release of [the] movies, the exact months and the exact weeks [afterward]…”

doctor strange

Well, with this we are guessing, if not in Doctor Strange, then it would be in Infinity War that the great secret would be revealed. We wouldn’t negate since Feige still needs to keep some tricks stacked away for future MCU movies.

Moving on! While we know where the four stones lie – The Space Stone within the Tesseract (where it first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger), the Mind Stone is bang on in middle of Visions forehead, the Reality Stone, being guarded by The Collector, deposited there after turning up in Thor: The Dark World as The Aether, while the Orb-contained Power Stone is with the Nova Corps by the Guardians of the Galaxy after it was reclaimed from the villainous Ronan.


Leaving us with two missing stones – the Time Stone and the Soul Stone. We can clearly see the Time Stone as the Eye of Agamotto around Doctor Strange neck. Giving Doctor Strange the ability to time travel and enter various dimensions. So what’s left is how this would play out in the larger picture of MCU and when it comes to all six Infinity Stones coming together.


While the Soul Stone is said to lie with Hel (played by Cate Blanchett), the goddess of the underworld. As we know she would finally make her appearance in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Exciting!!

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