Black Panther Becomes The Villain With This Alternate Ending of Civil War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen tremendous growth in the past decade and a half or should say that this cinematic universe has come to life in that time. They have gone from being an experiment to being the centre of attention for the media industry. Part of the reason for this success is the incredible vision that Kevin Feige has for these characters. But as art imitates life, life also imitates art. Marvel comics seem to have taken inspiration from Feige’s flair for reshoots and alternate timelines since they came out with a comic recently where Black Panther becomes a villain in an alternate ending for Civil War.

The Civil War comic event ended in 2006. This conflict was one not between heroes and villains but between different factions of heroes. Truly harrowing stories are the ones where we cannot determine who is the one on the side of the good. When heroes battle because of philosophical differences, this conflict only becomes more and more accentuated in comics. Take the old civil war storyline for instance. Captain America and Iron Man battle for their ideologies. Iron Man believes that the superhero registration act would allow the heroes greater protection and enable the world government to use these individuals effectively. But Captain America believes in personal liberty. Both of these factions battle in a bloody conflict that ends in tragedy to protect their way of life.


Alternate Ending For Civil War

The original comic event ends with the apparent death of Captain America as he is shot down by The Punisher who’s aiming for Spider-Man. But the thing is that Marvel was not quite satisfied with this ending. In recent years they came out with another comic series titled Civil War: Warzones!. This comic series ponders the question “What If the Civil War only escalated further”. Specifically, this comic starts at the climax of the last civil war story with Captain America’s team raiding Iron Man’s negative zone prison. The only problem is that this version of the prison has a built-in self-destruct which T’challa finds but only too late.


Moreover, there is also a teleporter that the heroes activate to get away from the explosion but it only causes the explosion to be teleported with them and kills 15 million people in New York. The person who finds the said self-destruct is T’challa and after such a tragedy and the death of so many innocents, the war only escalates rather than dying down. We then jump ahead 6 years to find that the conflict is yet to end, but that is not the interesting part.


The interesting part is that we find out in the story that the person behind the entire conflict is T’challa himself. Black Panther was presumed dead in the Stark prison explosion but it seems that he somehow survived. T’challa then discloses the fact that it has been him who has been perpetuating the war for the last 6 years. He did not allow the conflict to subside, orchestrating new reasons to fight, to blame the other party over and over. But this is not even the final twist of the story.


The Future

Alternate ending of Civil War

The final twist of the story is that this is not, in reality, Black Panther but an evil empress by the name of Veranke who has shapeshifting powers. Veranke had been orchestrating the conflict to further her own selfish agendas over the last couple of years. I will not reveal her motivations to you but it is safe to say that this empress does not intend to serve the human race. The subterfuge and the subtle twists of Civil War: Warzones! make it one of the most interesting comics in this day and age.


The comic series even makes clever use of Skrulls, so far, we have only seen Secret Wars. To this end, the existence of T’challa and all the other characters are quite justified. It is nice to visit these old stories and speculate on the worst-case scenarios. If you haven’t read Civil War: Warzones! then consider this post our official recommendation for the comic.

Let us know what you think about this alternate ending of Civil War down in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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