Spiderman: Homecoming 2 Might Feature Spiderman Vs The Sinister Six

The success of Spiderman: Homecoming has sparked the sequel frenzy for the Web-slinger within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Spiderman: Homecoming sequel will not only be more grandiose with higher stakes on the line but also feature one of the greatest team-up of comic book villains Spiderman has ever faced. Green Goblin, The Lizard, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom, Hob Goblin, Electro – they were just the beginning. The Villain’s we are talking about are just about the real deal. The Friendly neighborhood Spiderman will soon face his greatest nemesis in the form of the Sinister Six.

Spiderman: Homecoming 2 Might Feature Spiderman Vs. The Sinister Six

Filming for Spiderman 2 is about to begin although rumors are rife it has already begun with locations having been already been finalized. Spiderman 2 will be filming over locations all over Europe so expect Peter Parker to become a Foreign Exchange student of sorts. Spiderman 2 will be the first movie post-Avengers 4 so it will be interesting to see how the MCU moves forward with this project. Sinister Six would be an intriguing way to keep the fans excited. Spiderman has one of the greatest Rogue’s Galleries in the history of comic books, after Batman and the Flash. Including six of them in one movie could be a good move.

Who are the Sinister Six??

The Sinister Six were introduced to the comic book pages in 1984 by Stan Lee. Spiderman’s formidable foes joined hands and teamed up to get back at the Wallcrawler in the first Amazing Spiderman Annual. The first incarnation of the Sinister Six consisted of a team led by Doctor Octopus and Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, Mysterio, Electro, and Vulture. During that time, Spiderman’s powers were dangerously fluctuating so it made defeating the Sinister Six all the more difficult.

The Sinister Six have had several iterations. Some were formed by Doctor Octopus while some were led by the Green Goblin. The most reluctant member of the Six has always been Sandman who was almost every time coerced into joining the team either via Blackmail or due to some other reason. And it had always been Sandman who would frequently betray the Six to help Spiderman save the day.

In Marvel Knights: Spiderman, the Green Goblin aka Norman Osborne upped the ante when he introduced the Sinister Twelve. The Sinister Twelve forced Spiderman to break Osborne out of prison. It was only when Spiderman got help from the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Yellow Jacket, Iron Man and Captain America that the playing grounds were evened out a bit for Spiderman.

The latest incarnation of the Sinister Six was formed by Miles Morales’ uncle Aaron Davis who now calls himself the Iron Spider. His version of the team includes himself, Hob Goblin, Sandman, the Spot, a female Electro and an energy manipulator called Bombshell.

Four Members of the Sinister Six already exist within the MCU

Remember the Shocker? He was the henchman guy whom the Vulture disintegrated in Homecoming. He is one of the potential recruits for the Sinister Six. He is dead now but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be brought back from the dead. It is a comic book movie after all. With Thanos getting his hands on the glove that control’s Reality’s steering wheel, anything’s possible.

Another Recruit would most certainly be the Vulture himself. In the comics, one of the reasons the Sinister Six is so formidable is because Norman Osborne, their leader, knows about Peter’s superhero identity. In Homecoming, the Vulture also deduces the secret identity of Spiderman. It will be a worthy plot point if the Sinister Six ever grace the screens.

Scorpion is another recruit for the Six. Michael Mando made a post-credits appearance in Spiderman: Homecoming. With the right mix of circumstances, Mando could don a Scorpion themed super suit or gain metahuman powers itself to take down Spiderman as the Six’s heavy hitter.

Aaron Davis is the guy Spiderman was interrogating in the parking lot in Homecoming. In the comics, Aaron Davis is called the Iron Spider and he is the leader of the latest incarnation of the Sinister Six

Who else could be a member?

Spiderman Vs Sinister Six

Three or possibly two spots are still left vacant. Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro, The Rhino and the Lizard all come to mind but that does not mean they will all be featured. Only a few of them will get the honor. Spiderman’s best mate Ned Leeds could play a version of the Goblin – HobGoblin. Rhino and Electro will most certainly be out of the race to join MCU’s Sinister Six team. That leaves us with the Lizard and Doc Ock. The MCU has announced plans to include a femme fatale for the sequel to Homecoming, maybe it is a gender-swapped version of a popular Spidey villain?

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