10 Major Characters Who Should Be Brought Back By Thanos In Infinity War

The MCU is known for keeping most of its characters alive for the long run and it has received quite a bit of criticism and laughter for not having enough deaths, but if you actually take a look at how many characters have died, you would know that all the criticism is utter nonsense. Many major characters have died in the MCU and we would surely like to see most of them back. With all the Infinity Stones in his possession, Thanos could do that. Here are all the characters Thanos should bring back from the dead or from any corner of the multiverse they are hiding in.


Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones died at the beginning of Civil War delivering a top-notch fight sequence with Captain America. He died by blowing himself up killing a number of civilians as well. Frank Grillo who plays Crossbones has already mentioned that we haven’t seen the last of Crossbones yet, and Thanos should certainly bring this Hydra agent back as he could carry out Thanos dirty work on Earth.

Peggy Carter

Peggy was Cap’s first love and she died in Civil War as we know it. We saw in Age of Ultron that Steve Rogers misses the life he could have had with Peggy if he didn’t go under the ice at the end of the first Captain America movie. Scarlett Witch opened up that wound and bringing Peggy back to life, Thanos could easily manipulate Rogers gaining a certain advantage upon him.

The Abomination

Until now, Marvel has tried to run away from everything that the Incredible Hulk did. We haven’t heard anything about Abomination after the events of the solo movie took place. He is certainly not dead and we were led to that he is sitting in some prison. Well, as we all know and saw, Abomination could easily take on and even beat the Hulk in a fight and there is very less number of individuals who could do that. Bringing back Abomination somehow would be a win-win for everyone.


As it was revealed in Vol. 2 that Yondu actually saved Quill from his own father, and turned out to be the real Daddy of Star-Lord in his own sort of way. He died in Vol 2 and by bringing him back, Thanos could easily hit the weak points of Star-Lord, again gaining an advantage over him and possibly the rest of the Guardians. It could act as a great distraction as well.


Well, Vision killed the last remnant of Ultron, but we are still not sure on how exactly does an artificial intelligence die. But, still, if Thanos could bring him back, it will be a total nightmare situation for the Avengers as he along with Thanos would be really huge and way too hard for the Avengers to handle. He was the means to Sokovia’s destruction, the Sokocvia accords, Civil War and Quicksilver’s death. Everyone would lose their minds seeing him back and Scarlett Witch, in particular, could lose her grip on reality, causing an emotional reality altering situation.

Phil Coulson

Coulson died in the Avengers and was the reason for the unification of The Avengers. He was brought back to life in the TV show Agents of Shield and is currently leading Shield on a mission in the future. If Thanos could use the soul stone to take control of him, he could manipulate The Avengers telling them that Fury lied and their Union was based on a lie!


Quicksilver was killed by Ultron and he could be a big advantage for Thanos if revived and turned against Avengers. Vision, Doctor Strange, and Scarlett Witch are the big guns that Thanos would have to take care of while assembling the Infinity Stones. A revived Quicksilver could be an emotional advantage for Thanos against Wanda and his super speed can certainly be put to great uses. Plus it also gives an opportunity for him to join the Avengers again if Wanda manages to free him from the control of Thanos.


Well, we don’t know whether Hela died in the fight against Surtur in Thor Ragnarok, or not. Hela is the Goddess of Death in the MCU, and most people believe her to be a version of Death, who Thanos is in love with, and wishes to impress her with his shenanigans. Now if this is true, Thanos would certainly bring her back from wherever she is, and then be motivated to take on the Avengers and to have a sort of revenge against Thor.

Ronan The Accuser

Ronan died fighting the Guardians in their first movie. At that point, Ronan decided to disobey Thanos and conquer the universe himself using the Power Gem. Now if Thanos was to bring him back using the soul stone, he could use it to control him as well, and an obedient Ronan would make a great henchman within his army that has only a few leaders and generals existing in it.

Red Skull


Red Skull is one of the most beloved villains of the MCU and we are not sure whether he died in Captain America, as he was sort of sucked into space through the tesseract. He could very well be with Thanos himself and bringing him in Infinity War could be a great move against Captain America and all the fans need to see that happen.

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