10 Things We Learned From Loki Episode 1, Glorious Purpose

MCU is bringing a large number of TV shows with standalone characters. Most of them are scheduled to release from 2021 to 2022. One of them is Loki. The first season of Loki premiered on 9th June on Disney+. It has received a positive response from critics and has been loved by the audience. The first episode revisits the best moments from MCU’s history. It also answered a few questions MCU fans had in their minds since the release of the first trailer. Now let’s look at 10 things we learned from Loki episode 1, Glorious Purpose.

1. There is one timeline and the events have a specific schedule

When Miss Minutes gives a briefing about TVA to Loki, she says that there is only one timeline. Also, the events of the sacred timeline have been already determined by the Time Keepers. Variants are duplicates that don’t fall in line with the flow of time and lead to branched timelines. The TVA can reset timelines to a point before a variant interfered with one of their unique gadgets. Loki thinks that no one can decide his fate but Mobius says that his purpose in the timeline is to fail.

2. The Desk Jockeys never left the office and they collect Infinity Stone variants

The TVA employees were created by Time Keepers. So they have not lived a normal life. Loki meets a naïve TVA employee who says that he never left the building. Well, this is hard to believe. The agent also says that he has never heard about fish. When gets back the Tesseract, Loki spots a candy dish that has the other Infinity Stones. Loki notices that there are many Infinity Stone duplicates along with ones of different sizes like the huge Soul Stone.

3. The collar in Loki’s neck is called a Time Twister

Things we learned from Loki episode 1

Loki is seen wearing a collar in the trailer of the show. That collar is called Time Twister. The name was revealed by Mobius in the first episode. Its function is to reset the person wearing it to an earlier point in the time loop. In one of the scenes, Loki tries to attack Mobius but Mobius uses the device to reset Loki back to the other side of the room. Loki manages to get rid of the collar and places it on another agent. Loki is then seen using the device for his fun.

4. The series’ villain might be another variant of Loki

Since the trailer was released, fans speculated that they might get to see more than one variant of Loki. They were also of the opinion that they would be the villains of the show. The second theory turned out to be true since Mobius revealed that another Loki was going on a rampage between timelines by killing TVA agents and collecting their timeline reset capsules. The fate of the villainous Loki variant is yet to be seen. But the 2012 variant is trying his best to return to his original timeline.

5. Where did Loki go after escaping from New York

The first scene of the Disney+ series revisits the scene from Avengers: Endgame where Loki escaped. After that, he lands in a deserted area. It is revealed to be the Gobi Desert. Loki is busy cleaning up himself and at that time, the TVA agents arrive there to capture him. Loki has a very light exchange of words with the agents. But they become irritated at a point in time and hit him in the face. After that, he is taken to the TVA.

6. The existence and purpose of TVA explained

At the TVA, Loki is given a briefing of the organization by an animated character named Miss Minutes. She explains that a long time ago, various timelines were fighting a multiversal war. As a result of that war, the existing multiverse was destroyed. Three ancient beings called the Time Keepers then restored the order of the multiverse by coalescing them into one single timeline. They created TVA and their job was to monitor the flow of time. Variants can cause time branches. But it is TVA’s responsibility to take care of the Variants and reset the branches to avoid another multiversal war.

7. The TVA headquarters is a powerful place

Things we learned from Loki episode 1

The TVA headquarters is a powerful place. It can make magic and cosmic energy completely powerless. When Loki realizes that his pleading is not helping him much, he tries to escape with the help of his magic. But eventually, he realizes that his magic is of no use at TVA. He also successfully manages to retrieve the Tesseract. But even the Tesseract is not able to help him escape the TVA. Loki then finds out that only the Space Stone has not been affected by the TVA.

8. The Avengers’ time travel was supposed to happen

When Loki pleads for his case for his innocence, he throws the Avengers under the bus. He suggests that the one reason he is on trial is that the Avengers time-traveled first. He later learns that the meddling of the Avengers was expected, planned, and permitted by the TVA. The time heist was a part of the grand scheme of the timeline. But Loki’s escape in New York was not a part of the plan. Now it is unknown why Loki is being penalized for the Avengers losing the Tesseract.

9. Unique devices and machines at the TVA

Loki tries to fight TVA agents but is defeated by a TVA device. He is hit in the face with a baton-type weapon that decreases his speed to 1/16 normal time. But that much time is enough to capture Loki. Loki then gets to see some unique inventions at the TVA. He passes through a metal detector-like machine that scans and photograph’s the temporal aura of organic lifeforms and melts robots from inside out. A device is used to rest the Variants and it erases them from existence to tidy up the timeline. A projector-like machine is used to show the things Loki has done in the past and will happen with him in the future.

10. Loki is the main timeline’s D.B. Cooper

The first episode of Loki shows the D.B. Cooper scene. The Disney+ series also reveals that the D.B. Cooper scene is a real part of Loki’s past since he lost a bet with Thor. It is not shown what the bet was and why the D.B. Cooper scandal was the punishment. But MCU fans have got to know that Loki is the D.B. Cooper of the main timeline. This is that kind of moment where MCU fans get to know more details about the old characters.

So these were the 10 things we learned from Loki episode 1, Glorious Purpose.

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