The Walking Dead Season 6 : Are you ready for a Zombiecalypse?

After leaving us on a cliff-hanger for months, The Walking Dead finally returned with the 9th episode of Season 6. And boy, did they manage to blow our minds. While the first half of season 6 was being criticized for being too stagnant and quiet, the 2nd half sure has started with a bang, delivering everything that one would expect out of a zombie apocalypse plot. This has set the standard high for the remaining episodes, and from what we know about the show, they aim to deliver.

Following are the reasons why you should be super-psyched about TWD:

An All-Encompassing Narration

Due to the sheer number of characters, TWD has come to adopt a style of narration wherein it focuses only on a set of people in one episode. This usually means that most episodic cliff-hangers are settled on alternate basis, with a 2 week gap, leaving the viewers disconnected to an extent. The mid-season premiere, on the other hand, found all characters in the backdrop of Alexandria, and delivered an insanely packed episode with all characters playing their part in the episode. Considering the positioning of the characters, perhaps this style of narration will be maintained throughout the coming episodes.

Progression of Story

Followers of the original graphic novel, among others, criticised the first half of season 6 for being too slow and repetitive. The need of a singular antagonist was felt by most viewers, and The Governor was being missed. The latest episode jumped straight into progressing the story and sticking to the script by teasing Negan. Followers of the Graphic Novel know of Negan for being one of the best written antagonists in the series and were eagerly arrival.

Shocking Deaths

Just when you thought Game Of Thrones was surpassing TWD in the most unpredictable deaths domain, Episode 9 shocked us with deaths of Jessie and her kids. The Relationship Rick had been building with Jessie led us to believe she would play a major role in the shows future, however, her slow, gory, and impactful, death said otherwise. It isn’t just the timing but also the nature of deaths that has us optimistic about the rest of season 9. Jessie being ripped while Rick helplessly watched on was a moment that reminded us of earlier TWD times where gore wasn’t just physical but also psychological.

Mass connect

As Walking Dead progressed, many argued that the “group” was becoming too inhumane and was losing connection with the audience as “The good ones”. Although this change was justified by the sheer number of crappy experiences that the group had suffered, a moment of weakness would have gone a long way to make us feel more connected. The mid-season premiere delivered just that, with scenes like Rick taking on all walkers alone, and Glenn trying to save Maggie by drawing all walkers on to him, both of which were reckless, unplanned, yet humane reactions which proved fruitful. This left us with the idea that no matter how inhumane conditions may get for our protagonists, they will keep their humanity alive.

High-Octane Action

The biggest drawback of the group being behind walls is the lack of Bone-Breaking, Head-Squashing, and Jaw-Breaking action that we’ve come to expect from The Walking Dead. However, Episode 9 proved to be the epitome of action, pulling all the stops to perfection. From the very first scene, where Daryl blows up Negan’s crew with a rocket launcher, to the battle between the residents of Alexandria and the herd of Walkers. The mid-season premiere gave us a perfect blend of Emotion and Action, one that promises us good things for the coming episodes.


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