8 MCU Character Team-Ups We Wish Had Happened in the Infinity Saga

The Infinity Saga was quite hectic for the general audience. Specifically for those who did not anything about the comics. We were introduced to a lot of Marvel characters very quickly. But no one was more excited than the comic fans. They sought out the most obscure easter eggs in these movies to ascertain where the MCU was headed. Marvel Studios is famous for its ability to inculcate audience feedback into its movie universe. But there were some MCU character team-ups that we never got to see. In fact, we’ve made a list of 8 such team-ups. Take a look:

Captain America And Spider-Man

Captain America and Spider-Man were the two most well-known Marvel characters before the MCU. Captain America was introduced in the MCU in Phase 1, but the Spider-Man IP had to be licensed back from Sony. Spidey joined us in Civil War as a part of Iron Man’s team and this put him directly at odds with Captain America. Even though it made for a compelling dynamic between Iron Man and Tom Holland we never got to see Captain America and Spider-Man team-up. These characters have worked together in the comics numerous times and their acrobatic synergy is undeniable.


Iron Man And Falcon

MCU Character Team-Ups

Iron Man is a loner, for the most part. RDJ did bring a certain flair to the character that allowed him to evolve past his own selfish self. He also has the most appearances in the MCU. So it comes as no surprise that he has teamed up with almost everyone except characters who were specifically allied with Captain America. Falcon and Iron Man is a team-up we have always wanted to see. With their capabilities combined they could fly high and establish air dominance.


Black Widow And Winter Soldier

Black Widow and Winter Soldier are a pair of lethal assassins. Not many possess their level of close-quarter combat proficiency. Even though Black Widow played both sides during Civil War, these two characters never interacted much. It would have been fun to see them team up to assassinate a high-level threat. Their chemistry would have been undeniable and the action choreography of both of these characters has always been outstanding. Put them in the middle of a bunch of goons and watch them decimate the enemy. This action sequence would have trumped Batman V Superman‘s warehouse fight scene if it were done right.


Iron Man And Rocket Raccoon

Another pair we would have enjoyed seeing working together was Iron Man and Rocket. Both of them are tinkerers and inventors. They can both make wonderful things out of scrap metal. It would have been fun to see them working together in Endgame to create some kind of Thanos killing weapon right there on the battlefield. But their partnership never actually happened, which is a pity, really.


Thor And Captain Marvel

Thor and Captain Marvel are two of the most powerful characters in the MCU. One is the Norse God of Thunder and the other is the personification of pure energy. They are the planet busters of the Avengers. It is too bad that we never saw only the two of these team up for an assignment. Their brief interaction at the start of Endgame was the closest thing we got to a team-up. The power of these two is out of their world and with their collective might by the time of Infinity War, they could have laid waste to Thanos’ entire army.


Hulk And Wong

We saw a very strange team-up in Shang-Chi And The Legend of The Ten Rings. Wong and Abomination were seen sparring in an underground fight club. During this fight, Wong uses his portals to re-direct Abomination’s punch back at him. This made us think that Wong and Hulk together would be a villain’s worst nightmare. They could attack anyone anywhere with incredible force and always go for the knockout punch. It would have been very interesting to see them team up in the Infinity Saga.


Black Panther And Ant-Man

MCU Character Team-Ups

Black Panther and Ant-Man are heroes from two different worlds. The only thing that is common between the two is the fact that they are both Avengers. But the similarities end there. Still, we would have loved to see a combo move with the pair. Maybe the Ant-Man could grow to his largest size and throw Balck Panther like a projectile towards his enemies. This would be lethal for any antagonist.


Hawkeye And Quicksilver

Hawkeye and Quicksilver never saw eye to eye. They were at each other’s throats in Age of Ultron and the pair never reconciled their differences. Well, not until Quicksilver lost his life trying to save Clint from a rogue Ultron bot. But their duo pairing could have been incredible given how precise both of them are. With the Quicksilver’s abilities, Clint would have perfect knowledge of the battlefield and he could cover him from an eagle’s nest.

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