Tom Holland Has Just The Right Role For Tobey Maguire In Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spiderman: Homecoming has hit the theaters and it was full of action, adventures, and thrills. It was one of the best Spiderman movies and had a lot of Uniqueness. It showed Spiderman from a very new angle, and even though it was not a technical origin, it was still the best origin story we have ever seen.

Even though Spiderman Homecoming was so great, it lacked some things which we wanted to at least be referenced in the movie if not proper arc was to be given.

For example, Spiderman’s origin itself. Sure we do not want to see a proper origin, but a reference could have been great.

The second thing which we missed in the movie was ‘Uncle Ben’. He was totally replaced by Tony Stark who was the motivational factor for Peter Parker driven to be Spider-Man. This role has been taken up by Uncle Ben in the comics and previous movies.

Well, if Uncle Ben was not there in the first movie, that does not mean that he is not going to appear in the future movies at all. Spiderman Homecoming might have left him out completely in order to provide room for him to appear in the future movies.

And now Tom Holland himself has spoken up on the topic and has even named who he wishes to be Uncle Ben in his upcoming Spidey movies.

“I kinda want Tobey Maguire to play Uncle Ben, I think that’d be super funny, but I don’t think he’ll do it.”


Well, this would be a really cool and funny choice and Marvel should really try to make it happen considering the age of Aunt May as well. It could be done very well in Flashbacks and Tobey Maguire would get to appear in a Spiderman movie once again, but this time he would inspire us with a different character.

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