5 Awesome Movies That Failed to Please The Critics

A review of a film is an opinion of one person, but it plays very importantly on the box-office performance of a movie. It can be a super hit or it could just be a super flop. The audiences are obsessed with what critics think about the movies, without even thinking that their field of interest might be completely different from them. Here are 5 movies which didn’t get a good response from the critics:

1) Suicide Squad


Everyone thought that David Ayer’s Suicide Squad would win over the hearts of the critics, but it proved to be just as polarizing as its previous movies. As the movie received negative reviews that irked the cast and crew, and they started defending the movie. Cara Delevingne claimed that critics don’t like superhero movies, and David Ayer reignited the old “I make movies for fans, not for critics.”

2) The Avengers


Everyone who thinks that Marvel has a backing of film critics totally lives in a virtual world. The New York Times movie reviewer was one of the few who criticized the Avengers. Many disagreed with his view. Samuel L.Jackson tweeted that Scott needs a new job. They both went back and forth on social media.

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