Reason Why Doctor Strange Cannot Join MCU’s Midnight Sons Team

Supernatural fans have been waiting for a Midnight Sons team-up in the MCU ever since the announcement of Mahershala Ali’s casting as Blade. And when Marvel announced a Moon Knight miniseries, the dream team was closer than ever. After that, it was only a matter of time until Werewolf by Night and Elsa Bloodstone debuted in the MCU. But even if they all come together, Doctor Strange will never join the team Keep up with the post to find out why Doctor Strange can never be in MCU’s Midnight Sons team.

Marvel’s Midnight Sons is a team of supernatural beings. It was first formed when Doctor Strange sought out supernatural heroes who wanted to help protect their universe. The team debuted in Ghost Rider #31 (1992) with nine members. They were Frank Drake, Johnny Blaze, Morbius, Danny Ketch’s Ghost Rider, Hannibal King, Blade, Victoria Montesi, Sam Buchanan, and Louise Hastings. And never once did they include Doctor Strange in the team.



There is a very popular misconception that Doctor Strange is the leader of the team. And it’s not your fault. You might have seen a cover of a Midnight Sons comic where we can see Strange headlining the team. But that comic never came out. They even deleted the tweet that leaked the photo. The cover was designed by Greg Smallwood, who is associated with Moon Knight comics, but the company never went forward with the comic. But this is not the only reason that fans of the supernatural part of Marvel comics want to see Strange lead the Midnight Sons.


Marvel Studios execs don’t want to see their strongest sorcerer in a team with a bunch of murderous supernaturals. But that doesn’t mean that he has never fought alongside them. But every opportunity of them fighting alongside was immediately retconned. This did not sit well with the readers but the writers think that this is essential for the character of Strange.


But this has nothing to do with the team. Contrary to that, Marvel seems to think Strange will be too strong for the team. Because everyone on the team is not Stephen Strange-strong, Strange will just stand out and not fit in with the team. They even used this excuse as a plotline where Strange sent the Midnight Sons to fight Lilith. He sent them because according to him, he would have destroyed the very dimensional walls that he swore to protect while fighting Lilith.



Why Doctor Strange Cannot Join MCU’s Midnight Sons Team

But Doctor Strange is too close to the team to avoid their interaction. On one occasion, Strange even fought alongside them because he was weaker than normal. So he sought out the team for assistance against a common villain. His powers were dampened by Vishanti’s influence and letting Midnight Sons help him was a necessity.


But in the event ‘Damnation’, he really worked alongside the team but even then, it was just to distract Mephisto while Strange worked out a way to free himself from the Devil. So, if you look back at all the years that Midnight Sons appeared in the comics with Doctor Strange, they were either supporting characters or the only lead while Strange sat the battle out. And it’s not like it’s unfair to the team. The team is super-awesome but their issues have always been a little boring, and if Strange would have joined the team, it would have been disastrous. Because he would’ve simply overshadowed them.


While all this time we were talking about the comics, the same can be said about the MCU. Even in MCU, Doctor Strange is almost just as significant, and leading a team at this point would just be inviable. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be in any team. Because if you remember, he would have easily taken care of many bad guys in Infinity War and Endgame, but he stayed back because he knew it wasn’t his place. He has good team spirit and the world could use something like this now that they don’t have a proper Avengers.


Plus, he could be the key for Marvel to unite the independent sorcerers in a single team. After all, he was the one who formed the Midnight Sons in the first place. So whenever Marvel decides to bring them together, Doctor Strange could be a crucial part of the sequence. And as fans of both the Midnight Sons and Doctor Strange, we want to see them together as many times as we can.


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