All 5 Kinds of Magic Used in MCU, So Far!

As we go deeper and deeper in Phase 4, we are seeing different kinds of magic be used in MCU by several sorcerers. These different kinds of magics are conjured from different sources or dimensions. It is upon each sorcerer to choose a source of his choice. In the MCU, each sorcerer’s choice of source hugely reflects his personality. For example, the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj chose inter-dimensional Eldritch Magic, implying their non-offensive nature. While Wanda used Chaos Magic that points towards the chaos in her mind.

As we eagerly wait for Moon Knight and Doctor Strange 2 to introduce us to a world beyond science, here is a recap of every kind of magic we have seen in the MCU so far.

Magic Used in MCU



One of the first kinds of magic we saw in the MCU was Asgardian Magic. However, for Asgardians, this magic was just as natural as science for humans. Asgardians are mystical creatures, living for 1000-5000 years, so it is easy to say that they see magic as a normal thing in their daily life. They also had a ton of mystical objects, but all of them vanished when Surtur caused Ragnarok. Asgardian Magic’s use differed as per their user. Loki used it to create illusions, after all, he was the God of Mischief. While Heimdall channeled this magic to power the Bifrost and open portals to different realms and dimensions. Classic Loki used it to create an illusion so big that it fooled Alioth.


However, this kind of magic isn’t as powerful as you might think. Odin may have used this magic to win over the nine realms, but in the last few years, he had only used these powers for defensive purposes. The types of magic discussed later in this list are much more potent and have high offensive capabilities.


Magic used in MCU

This magic is common within the walls of Kamar-Taj. All the pupils at Kamar-Taj have to master the Eldritch Magic to earn the title of a sorcerer. We have seen this magic used in many battles by the Ancient One, Wong, Strange, and Mordo. They are part of the few masters who excel at conjuring this magic. This type of magic comes in handy when one has to conjure a weapon, shield, or any structure of his choice. Paired with the sling ring, this magic can create portals to anywhere in the universe, even in the mirror dimension. This type of magic requires a vast knowledge of spells, and if used properly, even has the potential to defeat zealots.



The second type of magic we learned in 2016’s Doctor Strange, Dark Dimension Magic was much stronger than Eldritch’s. As the name suggests, Dark Dimension, the home of Dormammu, is the source of this kind of magic. This magic, unlike Eldritch Magic, doesn’t require expertise to defeat your opponent. The user of this magic can bend the reality when he chooses to, and conjure weapons that are far stronger than Eldritch weapons. And this is just us scratching the surface. Tapping into Dark Dimension Magic allows one to achieve immortality, or to quote Kaecilius, a world without death, suffering.


However, this kind of strength comes at a price. When one taps into this magic, he/she pledges his soul, mind, and body to Dormammu. These slaves are called the Mindless Ones, or simply zealots. Enslaved for eternity, these zealots often end up begging for their death. They are doomed for all eternity to serve the Dark Master.


The most mysterious type of magic so far is the Darkhold Magic. The Darkhold was the first book in Ancient One’s personal collection, so you can estimate its potential. The ancient book consists of spells, as old as time, that are so strong that no one can escape them. These spells have many connections to the demonic entities that have been around for a long, long time. For this reason, the book is often mentioned as the Book of Sins.


Magic used in MCU

The book is rumored to contain answers for every man or woman chasing it. For ages, sorcerers and mages have chased after this book only to come up empty-handed. Recently, this book saw the light of the day in Disney+’s WandaVision. Agatha was seen using the book to break free of Wanda’s Chaos Magic. However, after her defeat, the book was last shown in Wanda’s hands who was using the book to understand her powers and everything she is capable of.



Chaos Magic is the most potent and unstable form of magic in the MCU so far. If what Agatha Harkness said is true, using this kind of magic is very dangerous as it requires utter discipline, and a small mistake can rip the very fabric of reality. However, Wanda, who has never studied a single spell, can tap into this magic because of her early exposure to the Mind Stone. Strucker’s experiments opened up Wanda’s capabilities to an extent that is still unknown to the MCU fans.


Magic Used in MCU
Magic Used in MCU

Wanda Maximoff is the Scarlet Witch whose destiny has been prophesied a long time ago. According to Agatha, Scarlet Witch holds enough power in her hands to destroy the very existence of life. And Wanda has already given us a hint of her power when she created the Hex. Thank God Wanda is not evil or is she? Anyway, Hex was just the beginning, let’s see what the future of MCU holds for her.

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