9 Cult Movies That Should Never Have A Remake

In this era of remakes and sequels, some of the time it appears as though there’s no room left for originality. Some movies are so great, they can’t be remade any better than they were initially made. The enchantment can’t be reproduced. There is something so satisfying and great about these works of art that their legacy must stay untarnished for ages to come.  Remakes undoubtedly attract a huge amount of collections at the box office but it seldom makes the audience glad or happy about it. Without a doubt, they do the inverse, inspiring bitter vitriol in articles. Just like this one. Not extending this any further I’ll be introducing you a rundown of 9 movies that are so perfect that they should never have a remake.


This movie remains a standout amongst the most stunningly realistic portrayals of space travel. It contains the most beloved pictures ever caught on celluloid. It is an expertly made science fiction dramatization, and one can’t simply stop appreciating its numerous layers and cryptic ending. No director can outdo what Stanley Kubrick has accomplished here.  He blended the pacing, the visuals, and the music skillfully and presented us with a film that quintessentially emerges as the best science fiction the world has ever seen. This film is with an ending so pompous and convoluted that you’ll be left scratching your head.


Forrest Gump is an excessively nostalgic film with a fairly tricky message, yet its sweetness and appeal are normally enough to surmise genuine depth and elegance. It is the story of a man with an IQ of 75, who in all his innocence and virtuoso, carries with himself the multifaceted nature of an extreme blockhead. Whatever you think about the film, but the director has brought a blend of honesty and respect to a character whom all of us would pat on the shoulder.


Talking about phenomenal films, it is impossible that we miss out on Godfather. One of the best American movies ever constructed, the multi-generational wrongdoing adventure, The Godfather is a touchstone of the silver screen: a standout amongst the most generally imitated, cited, and satirized movies ever. The movie is the magnum opus of Francis Ford Coppola’s career who happens to be the director of the movie. Other than the splendid cast and story, this movie was additionally made on a staggeringly low budget plan. As it is obvious that even the second sequel can’t recover the enchantment. So how might a full remake be any better?


An excellent combination of actors, characters, and story, a combination that more than makes up for everything else. A film well set in time, with sweeping sentiments of romance, and an impeccably realistic portrayal of slavery going on at that time, it has set a standard difficult to meet these days. Actually, Casablanca was still under Nazi control when this film was made, so the timing was simply great. Casablanca got an extraordinary appraisal in the film industry and a positive response from the people. The USP for the movie was its script that offered noteworthy lines for each scene in the film. It stays a standout amongst the most romantic movies ever made. The picturization and the music are just dream-like. This film speaks volumes about its flawlessness with the number of Oscars it has bagged.



The Shawshank Redemption is on many people’s fingertips when it comes to their most loved films, despite the fact that it wasn’t a big hit on its release. The movie was made with no embellishments, no special VFX or effects, just prisoners in uniform conversing with each other that somehow managed to incorporate friendship, hardship, dream and laughter. This movie escalates the feelings within a person by offering superlative emotions. Shawshank Redemption slows down and gives you an ideal opportunity to soak in the feelings. The story is candidly captivating, a calm narrative account and profound lesson offered easily. Remaking it to its standard will cost anybody a lifetime as the actors gave their career best performances.


Citizen Kane is an enduring icon of vintage Hollywood. The director has poured in maturity and gravitas into the film that is unmatchable. It is correct to say that for each 10 aborted endeavors to remake this film, crowds get one Citizen Kane. This is powerful, and an emotionally dramatic story of Kane who perfectly and exceptionally demonstrates a man misuse his power and wealth with arrogance for success and an endless quest for innocence. This film made the world stand up and compelled them to pay attention to an actor named Orson Welles. It redefined the language of the silver screen in a way that wouldn’t really be appreciated for decades. With incredibly stunning crisp and creative visual styles, even today, and the flighty account structure of the Oscar-winning screenplay, Citizen Kane still appears to be brave. It is highly unlikely to go for a remake anywhere near that level of impact.


This film is an awful heart-wrenching dramatization in which a guardian angel shows a suicidal businessman George and all the other lives he has touched in his lifetime. It’s the sort of movie that makes you want to hug your family members and slow things down for a moment. Jimmy Stewart as the protagonist George Bailey delivered one of the finest performances in the history of cinema. Thoughts on suicide that he encounters all through the film, are no snickering matter to laugh about. The story and the screenplay make your skin creep. Maybe that is the reason the best moments in the film remind us that we without a doubt live a wonderful life. Simple, gripping, this movie in B&W, it simply is irreplaceable.


This movie is a serious, aggravating, a gross-out stunner, and to a great degree interesting and illuminating. Fight Club is a rush ride that does not shy away from standing up to the dim patches of the movie. The story is mind boggling, fun, and energizing to an extent that it would be really hard not to topple over your seat till the end. Almost all ages of men and ladies cherish this film either because of the insane fighting that the men take on or because of Pitt’s physique.


This crime masterpiece is a perfect work of art so much so that it is regarded as the turning point in film history. The shrewd way of storytelling and scattered up unpredictable stories just makes it a magnum opus. Attempting to remake this Quentin Tarantino film keeping in mind its screenplay would be a major hurdle, particularly because this one isn’t a straight forward plot, similarly any attempt to replace the cast of the film would be impossible. This film has the most iconic dialogues ever composed, the characters are continually intriguing, clever, petrifying and daring. A remake of this film is only allowed just on some other planet where nobody lives.

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