4 Fascinating DEADPOOL Crossovers You Don’t Know About

Deadpool is one of the deadliest characters in the Marvel universe. He once killed the whole Marvel universe. The Merc With The Mouth is sometimes unbearable even if he is not fighting because he can’t stop talking which can make one commit suicide. Deadpool has crossed over with several Marvel characters and today we are counting down on some his greatest crossover event and the characters he fought with. Check out four best Deadpool crossover.

1. Captain America


Deadpool insane talking and fighting habits of Deadpool is different than Captain America’s composed nature. And this difference itself become a reason of conflict between them. Captain America has a serious soldier-like way to handle the situations while Deadpool is more of a goof with intelligence who never takes any situation seriously.

2. Juggernaut


Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Juggernaut is the Professor X’s step-brother. He appeared in the earlier when Wade was taking his life seriously. But it is so much to see the skilled fighter combatting with the giant more than Twice is size. With that, he had to team up with Siryn to take down the giant beast.

3. Task Master

task deadpool

It is nearly impossible to defeat a person who can memorize and can observe the moves of his enemies and Task Master is the true epitome of it. During the fight with Task Master, Wade easily outlines all his memorizing ability which make Master hard to catch Deadpool. In between, Master manages to penetrate his sword all the way through Deadpool’s body but it was not a bog deal for Merc With The Mouth.

4. X-Men


Since X-men was a part of Weapon X program, he has appeared in the center role in Deadpool stories. As he was transformed against his will and had certain deformities, most of the X-Men sympathized with Wade. No matter how insane he is, his tragedies will always make him connected to this group.

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