Spider-Man: Homecoming Supervillain Revealed And It’s Not Vulture

Spiderman Homecoming is still full of mysteries even after so many trailers have been released by the studios. People have been able to make out many things relating to the storyline of the movie, but still are unaware and curious about many facts. The film is coming out in July but fans are still trying to figure out the identities of many characters.

Recently, the news about Zendaya’s role as Michelle was debunked, but the novelization of the film has possibly pointed out the character that is going to be played by Donald Glover.

A lengthy description of Spiderman Homecoming Novelization has hit the internet, and it really has fans blown away. The novel has confirmed many theories and has provided hints to various things and character roles. So, here is what was revealed about Glover’s character and written by @Alex_Helix.

Spiderman “finds two of Toomes’ men, Shultz (Booken Woodbine) and Brice (Logan Marshall-Green), selling Chitauri Weapons to local criminal Alex (Donald Glover) and intervenes.”

Though there is no other readable content in the summary about the character Alex, fans do have a possible hint onto who the character is in the movie. We have only got to see a brief footage from the trailers about Alex until now, and that does not reveal anything at all but this mention, in summary, is good for assumptions and theories.

Now fans know that Alex is a local criminal who hooks up with Vulture’s team. And die hard comic book fans know that what straight away comes to mind by the name Alex is the big Spiderman villain “Rhino”. The villain when created was originally named Aleksei Sytsevich but recently, his operating name was changed to Alexander O’Hirn, a thug who stole government’s technology to make his Rhino suit.

Spiderman Homecoming Supervillain Revealed And It's Not VultureThis could be true, as Vulture and Rhino are totally connected to each other and have made so many efforts to end the Web Slinger. They both are a part of the Sinister Six team of the baddies from Spidey. So, this could very well mean that Marvel and Sony are setting up Sinister Six for the future Spidey movies.

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