15 Powerful Titans That Will Make Thanos Look Like A Puny God

The Eternals are a genetic offshoot of Humanity created by the Celestials when they found Humanity’s gene had some latent superhuman traits. The Eternals are one of the most technologically advanced races and each Eternal is extremely powerful.

Apart from their standard superhuman traits like flight, strength, longevity, durability and a host of other abilities, the Eternals tend to develop unique abilities of their own that help them stand apart from the crowd. There are so many of them scattered throughout the solar system in the Marvel Universe that you would be surprised they haven’t shown up in the MCU yet.

Presenting 15 Powerful Titans that will make Thanos, The Mad Titan look like a puny God.


Aurelle was primarily created to serve her own interests instead of the Eternal Beings. She was there during the resurrection of Olympia, and thereafter she joined the bad-ass team of Eternal “super-heroes” also known as the “New Breed”. She came to be known as Sparx. She can manipulate all forms of matter and energy. She has changed her physical form into a pure manifestation of energy, granting her immortality and vast energy and molecular manipulation abilities. Her signature move is to blind her opponents through the generation of incredible flashes of light.


Druig, a member of the Polar Eternals, cousin of Ikaris and is an individual you do not want to cross paths with. Druig can not only fire powerful energy blasts from his eyes but he also has the ability to exploit reality and change it to his will. In ancient times, he tried to seize power from Dromedan but instead, he unshackled him. Thor and other elders had to join forces to defeat him. In modern times, he served as a KGB agent in Russia and found that he loved torture as a method of extracting interrogation.


Sersi is an Eternal that shares a name with the mythical Circe of the Greek Mythology (it’s not a coincidence). Circe’s mastery at manipulating matter and energy is unmatched throughout the Universe. She is incredibly powerful and has even assisted Merlin during the reign of King Arthur Pendragon. She met Odysseus during his journey and converted his companions into pigs but he resisted her witchcraft as he was given a magical herb by Hermes.


Since the Eternals can manipulate cosmic energy, they can also channel it to do stuff no other Eternal can. Gilgamesh has channeled his energies into his strength, making him the strongest Eternal in terms of Raw, brute force. He is often mistaken as Hercules but he is different. In ancient times, Gilgamesh aka King of Uruk roamed the Earth and helped humans overthrow oppressive rulers, tyrants, dictators, and monsters.

He famously said once:

You have known me by many names — among them Hero, and Gilgamesh…but I am once more who I must ever be. I am once more…The Forgotten One”.


Fredd is the Captain Marvel of another reality. As the son of a Kree and an Eternal, Fredd possesses vast cosmic energy manipulation abilities and also has the Nega-Bands that increase his power levels. He also heals faster than any other Eternal.


Hyperion was Marvel’s attempt at copying Superman of DC Comics. Hyperion is the last remaining Eternal of and possesses a power set almost similar to the Man of Steel. He is one of the most powerful cosmic creatures who is replete with vast amounts of cosmic energy that grants him insane abilities including superhuman agility, regenerative healing, nuclear vision, flight and even immortality.


Interloper possesses vast psionic energy manipulation abilities. He also possesses, among his many classic cosmic energy manipulation powers, a cloak of fear. The cloak can be used to incite great fear within his opponent. Interloper’s penchant for illusion based powers is also legendary.


Ikaris has one innate ability to no one else possesses. The guy can fly extremely fast and create almost any form of energy out of specialized cosmic energy cell enclaves in his body that he has developed via years of discipline.

King Hyperion

King Hyperion is a genocidal, megalomaniacal version of Hyperion. King Hyperion wants to conquer the Multi-verse with his own version of a copycat Justice League called the Squadron Supreme.


Klyn’bn is the God of the Skrull race. He was once a normal Skrull who was blasted with Cosmic Energy and became the guardian of Skrullos. Most of his powers are still undisclosed. He is one of the deadliest beings in the Galaxy.


Kronos is the living embodiment of Time in the Marvel Universe. The fact that an Eternal could become an abstract cosmic entity speaks volumes about his abilities. Kronos has total control over the time stream which he can use to manipulate space-time and the souls of all sentient beings in the Marvel Universe.


Makkari also vaguely rhymes with Mercury, the Roman God of Speed (again, not a coincidence). Makkari has focused all his cosmic energies to fuel his obsession for speed. Though He does not possess most of the standard Eternal abilities, Makkari is the fastest speedster of the Marvel Universe.


Thane is the son of Thanos and an Eternal by blood. Thane hid himself on Earth when Thanos came looking for him in Marvel’s Infinity storyline. He made it his mission to find his son but it was disguised as a galactic conquest. He and his Black Order destroyed worlds and asked its inhabitants to give their younglings between 16-22 years (estimated age of Thanos’ lost son) olds as tributes and finally after years his expedition led him to Earth.

Blackbolt, the Inhuman king came to know about Thanos’ real intentions, hence Illuminati was tipped off and Doctor Strange (member of Illuminati) found Thane in Greenland but before he could save him Ebony Maw (a member of Black Order) used his powers to make Strange forget that he has found Thane. Thanos fought Blackbolt who blew Terrigen bomb which unleashed the powers of every inhabitant living on Earth with Inhuman DNA, hence Thane got his powers and he killed the whole fucking town.

Among everyone in the list, Thane is the only one who has defeated Thanos in direct combat by trapping him in Amber, otherwise called a state of ‘Living Death’. In fact, fans are speculating that they could see Thanos’ inhuman son in the upcoming two movies of MCU – Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4. This would be epic as Thane’s character could be used in many storylines in future Marvel movies.


Moondragon is the daughter of Drax the Destroyer and one of the greatest telekinetic as well as psychic energy manipulator amongst the Eternals. Moondragon once controlled the Mind Gem. She is a cold, calculative anti-hero. She was spotted by Thanos’ father who took her to the homeworld, where she learned how to unlock her inner potential and as a result gained physical and mental prowess. She then got under the influence of ‘Dragon of the Moon’ which filled her with pride and she took the identity of Moondragon. Here is what she said in comics describing her journey:

“Once he was Arthur Douglas, a so-so jazz musician, as I recall. He ended up dying next to a burning car in the desert between Vegas and Reno. He was my father. I was with him that time, also. But Death wasn’t the end for dad, just the terrible beginning. There was this cosmic entity named Kronos who needed a champion to keep Thanos in line. He grabbed my dad’s soul and used it to animate his hero. So pop became the lumbering behemoth known as Drax the Destroyer. I guess even back then part of me still loved the guy. Didn’t stop me, though, from killing him a second time”.


thanos powerful titans

Thena was once asked by the Goddess Athena to take her place and help the masses when the Goddess herself is too busy to do so. Thena not only possesses enhanced Eternal attributes, she also has 4000 years of knowledge on War strategies, weapons and Battlefield expertise.

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