4 Mean Machines of Batman You May Not Know

Saviour of Gotham City who walks with the darkness in the night and keeps a sharp eye on criminality, Batman carries a personal vendetta to clean the city from the wicked criminality surrounding the innocents. Besides Alfred and the Robins, the cape crusader does not trust anybody so easily. With his own technological intelligence, Batman travels across the city for the love of humanity and evil-free society. And to fight those sometimes he chooses to follow the roads rather swinging and flying between the buildings. And for that, he needs a vehicle. So peeps, check out the four most amazing vehicles that Batman uses.

 1. Batboat

4 Mean Machines of Batman You May Not Know

In earlier days of crime-fighting career, Batman used his Batboat but did not customize it like his Batmobile. During his time in England, the Scotland police department created specially-designed boat resembling his Batmobile. It has several capabilities to safeguard The Dark Night from criminality. It has a Batarang ejection system, air conditioned and emergency tanks that allow up to 12-hours of life support.

2. Batcycle

Depending on the severity and the proximity of his mission, he sometimes picks up his Batcycle over Batmobile. It is an alternate means of transport that Batman uses in case his car is damaged or unavailable. The other versions of the cycle are DCAU and Nolanverse. Along with Robin, Batman used to travel across Gotham city with one destroyed while chasing Joker.

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