Top 10 Badass Heroes of MCU Ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is chock full of characters. These characters have a lot of varied powers. But the ones who stand at the top in the MCU are the Heroes who will sacrifice anything and everything for the greater good. It doesn’t matter if their natural abilities are not up to the mark. We measure these titans by the colossal statue of their will and virtue. So here are the top 10 badass heroes of MCU, ranked as per our preference. Let us know in the comments if you agree with it.


Drax is an alien to earthlings. He comes from a planet that was devastated by Thanos. Drax’s wife and daughter were brutally murdered in the attack by Thanos. After this incident, it became the sole purpose of Drax’s life to find and kill Thanos. This single-minded goal and his unwavering tenacity make Drax one of the premier badasses of the MCU. He is ranked 10th on our list.


Black Widow

One of the OG badasses of the MCU, Black Widow made her debut in Iron Man 2. She was introduced to us as Stark’s new secretary, but by the end of the movie, her true caliber was revealed. The way Natasha Romanoff dispatches things in Iron Man 2 gives us goosebumps. She is one of the most skilled hand-to-hand fighters in the entire MCU and that is saying something. A woman among Gods comes in at 9th on our list.



Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie was everyone’s favorite character from Ragnarok and there is good reason for it. The character is not only a skilled fighter but her disillusionment with the entire hero/savior thing grounds her in reality. She does, however, bring out the big guns, including the pegasus, for the Endgame battle. We feel that Valkyrie is one of the most badass characters that have ever graced the MCU. Even with her powers and achievements, she cannot climb farther than 8 on this list



Gamora also belongs to a planet that was ‘saved’ by Thanos. She was adopted by the Mad Titan and trained as a warrior and an assassin. She is the most skilled fighter in the army of Thanos and this is evidenced by the fact that she has never lost a fight to Nebula. Gamora is the definition of badass, she rarely ever slows down to give it a second thought and her attitude is second only to the next person on our list.



Nebula is also a daughter of Thanos but the problem is that she was just a little worse at everything when compared to Gamora. For every fight she lost, Thanos changed one of her body parts for a machine. This went on for a while until she became more machine than a living creature. Her anger and loyalty to her father in the first Guardians movie made her a legitimate threat. We call her a badass just because Karen Gillian looks ravishing in that get-up, this secured her the number 6 spot in this ranking.


Hope Van Dyne

Facts About Evangeline Lilly

Hope Van Dyne is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. She is, chronologically, the second Wasp of the MCU and she has all the skills and equipment that Scott Lang lacks. Hope is the badass by default of the Ant-Man team because Scott is the goofball. Unlike Nebula, she can take charge of both the situation and the room. Hope gets the number 5 spot on this list.


Winter Soldier

Badass heroes of MCU

Bucky Barnes is one of Steve Rogers’ closest friends. He was presumed dead after a battle with HYDRA that ended in an ambush. But he resurfaced as a sleeper agent with a metal arm in modern-day MCU. This meant that he was the only one who could keep up with Captain America in hand-to-hand combat. Moreover, he did it with the calm and composure of a veteran earning him the title of a true badass. Bucky Barnes finishes at number 4.



Frank Castle was a marine and he lost his family because the US government decided that it would be easier to kill him if they wanted to hide their secrets. Regretfully, Frank is not the kind of person you can beat down. He kept getting back up again and donned his battle armor with a Memento Mori skull brandished on his chest. Frank Castle became The Punisher became death incarnate for his foes. The Punisher easily makes it to the TOP 3 of this list.



Wong is one of the more subtle badasses of the MCU. He has a habit of being backhanded and quippy with Steven but he also has the habit of saving the day when push comes to shove. There is no denying his skill in sorcery. Add onto this the fact that he is the sorcerer supreme and you get a picture of a true badass. He made The Abomination punch himself and for solely this act we award him the title of the second most badass person in the MCU.



Sylvie is a Loki variant from Loki. Her timeline was pruned because she was born a girl rather than a boy. The TVA screwed up her life so she made it her life’s mission to destroy the Time Variance Authority and their paltry form of Justice. Sylvie spent her whole life tracking down the man responsible for her suffering and putting him on the blade. She is the top badass in the MCU.

So what are your thoughts on these above-mentioned badass heroes of MCU? let us know about it in the comments below.


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