10 Alternate Versions of X-Men Stronger Than the Original

The X-Men created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby over fifty-four years ago has been through uncountable iterations. They have an epic storyline from the beginning about traversing generations, taking us from past to future and back again. The interesting element was that the mutant powers revolved around puberty and the book took the concept of exploring adolescence in a way in which no other comic did. Stories of time travelling, dimension-spanning attracted the audience most and created versions of new versions of our favourite mutants.

Here’s the list of 10 alternate versions of X-Men stronger than the original-

 1. Rogue in New Exiles

Alternate Versions of X-Men

Rogue is the synonym of limitless power in this context. It’s hard to imagine a character stronger than the Rogue. She had the potential to absorb others power which made her the strongest character. She trained under Charles Xavier for a long time, even then also her control over absorption abilities has never been strong.

 2. Bloodstorm

Vampires have always been an important part in X-Men series. There are various characters who turned into vampires including Jubilee, X-Men favourite. Vampires also appear in an alternate reality Mutant X series where storm gets bitten by a Dracula. It’s after when the storm gets bitten by a Dracula, she gets a new name- Bloodstorm. 

 3. Dazzler Thor

She is also called as the Goddess of Thunder. There’s nothing much about Thor except the fact at some point, in reality, she could lift the “Lightbringer” hammer. The Asgardian’s hammer gave her all of the powers of Thor while still allowing her to retain her mutant abilities.

 4. Kitty Pryde in Age of Apocalypse

Age of Apocalypse in 1995 went through major changes where Legion, Charles son created a different reality in which villain Apocalypse reigns supreme. This radical change brings changes in all of the characters including Kitty where she brings a lot more to battle than her just mutant gifts.

 5. Charles Xavier in Mutant X

As we all know that Magneto was the villain and Charles was the hero but this wasn’t the case in Mutant X. here, Charles becomes the villain after he absorbs a part of Shadow King’s persona. This psychic absorption and his vision to dominate the world radically changed him and made him an Evil.

 6. New Sun Gambit

Even though people think of him as funny, attractive and handy with a deck of cards, he had the ability to charge objects by providing them kinetic energy. He is seen as a character who is wittier than being powerful. In alternate realities, Gambit has been many strange people and Gambit was the character New Sun on Earth-9921.

 7. Nightcrawler in Age of Apocalypse

From being lovable and devoutly religious on Earth-616, he becomes a bloodthirsty warrior with a swinging sword in Apocalypse.  Kurt Darkholme retains the same mutant powers as Kurt Wagner but he had an extra skill particularly in sword fighting.

 8. Ultimate Madrox

Jamie Madrox on Earth-616 had the capability to create replicas of himself. But in this version, he has a strong grey character where he gets brainwashed by his brotherhood of mutants who then forced him to become their personal army generator.

 9. Jean Grey in X-Men: The End

She is the driving force in this series as she demonstrates complete control over powerful astral being. She uses his power and immersed herself in celestial studies. In the end, Madelyne Pryor fuses with Jean and this makes her more powerful or a goddess.

 10. Cyclops in Ultimate X-Men

Ultimate X-Men is similar to Earth-616 but not identical and power-wise except for Cyclops every when remained the same. “Banshee”, a mutant growth hormone is used by Cyclops to increase his powers and durinh his peak time, he could use that energy that his body collects to fly and deliver superpowered punches.

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