This Insane Theory Suggests That Thor Will Kill Hela Again In Avengers 4

Avengers Infinity War was one of the most highly anticipated superhero movies of all time, and for good reasons. The movie ended a decade-long process of moviemaking by beginning the closure of the first ever series arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For a long time, fans had been waiting for the Mad Titan known only as Thanos to get up off of his ass and come the Avengers. We see Thanos do just that in Infinity War when the tyrant of the dark quadrant descends from his throne and disintegrates half the universe on a whim. The argument of Thanos that all of the civilization needs him to balance existence out to continue its perpetual nature is probably as hollow as the premise of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers 4 Hela Thor

Our heroes were barely able to slip by Hela’s crazed spree of madness and mayhem on the refugee ship (thanks to some apocalypse level distraction by Surtur and his rebirth because of the eternal flame) but it remains unclear whether Hela survived Surtur’s assault on Asgard or not. What if I told you that I have an Avengers 4 theory that not only confirms that she will meet her fate at the hand of the God of Thunder and that this very fight will be the final nail in the coffin of the Mad Titan and his followers. For a God of Thunder whose lost everything is a very dangerous being to battle, even for the Mad Titan.

So what is this theory? It basically starts where Infinity War ended, at the cusp of the snap. The world ending snap of the Mad Titan that dusted half of life in all of creation out of existence; half of the universe’s population just ceased to be at a moment’s notice. It was all very sad and grim, mostly for the God of Thunder who had lost his family, his title, his brother, his kingdom and his people in a very small amount of time. It is theorized by the fandom that there is a big payoff coming for Thor in Avengers 4. It is entirely possible that the directors and the creative team finally decided to complete the King Thor arc in its entirety after the entire arc was sort of already started with Thor getting the Stormbreaker in Infinity War and standing up to the Mad Titan with all 6 infinity stones.

But the question remains, what will happen come Avengers 4? Will our hero of lightning and thunder be finally able to go for Thanos’ head and destroy the Mad Titan one and for all or will he seek reinforcements before going for the big boss himself? Those are some thought-provoking questions. The widespread belief of the fandom seems to be that even if Infinity War will be a time travel movie, even so, Thor will not be a part of the Avenger’s team that traverses through time. It is rather believed that Thor will stay behind in the future and amass an army for an all-out assault against the Mad Titan. But how will the God of Thunder go up against the power of the infinity stones? How shall the legendary giant killer take on the power of the cosmos? The answer is rather simple, by killing HELA!!

You see, the fans believe that all the Asgardian ‘Gods’ derive their power from Asgard itself. Whatsoever kind of technology they use, its base is at Asgard, but Asgard is in ruins after Surtur’s attack on it. So it is theorized that  Thor will return to Asgard to look for powerful artifacts that he can use in a battle against Thanos. It seems rather unlikely that Thor will find anything there, considering the scale of Surtur’s attack. But one thing he will surely find is a half-dead Hela waiting to be consumed by void.

The fans believe that the Asgardian Gods derive their power from a common source and this power (Just like the speed force) magnifies when the number of users it has gets substantially low. So, in theory, the power should be maximum when there is only one Asgardian God left in existence. This is a fact that fans expect to be disclosed to Thor in Avengers 4. When Hela does reveal it, she will beg the God of Thunder to put her out of her misery. In doing so, it is expected, that Thor will acquire power that was previously unheard of. It is expected that once Thor can harness the maximum power of Asgard he will also gain access to the reinforce and in his king Thor version, he will be able to manifest the Thorforce to go against the Mad Titan. DO you think it’s viable? Tell us in the comments below.

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