X-Men: 10 Most Powerful Children of Magneto, Ranked

Magneto is not just a mutant. He is THE mutant. One of the greatest anti-heroes ever, Magneto aka Erik Lehnsherr is the master of magnetism and an omega level mutant. His powers not only make him one of the deadliest enemies the X-Men have ever gone against but also with the fact that he has….been around. He is not just good with metals but also women. His children are scattered all over the Marvel Universe. And some are pretty damn powerful. Don’t believe us??? Look down and you will know what we mean. Here’s everything you need to know about Magneto’s Children – Ranked.


Quicksilver started off as a mutant villain. He has the mutant ability of superhuman speed and is one of the fastest beings on the planet. As the twin brother of Wanda Maximoff, Quicksilver has become a member of both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Scarlet Witch

The reason Scarlet Witch scores so low in this list is because she has a pretty vulnerable psyche. But we don’t blame her for it. Her life has been one traumatic roller coaster ride. Her reality warping power can alter the very fabric of reality but they are a double-edged sword and end up harming her just as much.


Lorna Dane is the result of an affair between Magneto and Lorna’s mother. She shares the same abilities as her father – magnetic control of all metals in her vicinity. But her ruthlessness has sometimes made her even stronger than her father. Loran started out as a young innocent girl but the world forced her into darkness.


Magnus was a talented mutant whose light was extinguished before it could shine brightly. Magnus manifested the same powers of magnetism as his father. His secondary mutation at the age of 13 was when things took a turn for the worse. Magnus displayed abilities similar to his mother’s. He gave up his life trying to stop Professor X’s A-Bomb.

Nina Gursky

This one character did appear in a live action movie. X-Men: Apocalypse saw the first and last glimpses of Nina Gursky, the daughter of Magneto in a world where Magneto ‘pretended’ to be leading a normal life. The authorities soon caught up to him and Nina manifested an ability to manipulate wildlife soon after.


Plague belongs to an alternate reality timeline. Here, she is the daughter of Rogue Darkholme and Magneto. Plague can create nanobots called micro-sentinels that could burrow under a person’s skin and create all sorts of diseases. Plague later betrayed her own family and was hunted down by her own father.


Zaladane is the half-sister of Polaris and a Priestess hailing from Savage Land. When Polaris manifests her powers, she becomes extremely jealous of her sibling and ventures out into the world to have her own abilities. Zaladane is now a master sorceress and has used technology to give her reality warping abilities.


Joseph was born completely off Magneto. Which actually means Joseph is a clone made out of Magneto’s cells. Joseph was an amnesiac younger version of Magneto who lost his memories while on his original mission to kill Erik. His magnetic abilities later helped save the world from Magneto when the Katter tried to destroy the planet.


Alpha was created by Magneto using advanced technology created by Maelstrom. Alpha looked like a brute with the odd power of teleportation. He defeated the Hulk and teleported the entire Brotherhood to the UN headquarters. But Alpha wasn’t just a brute after all. Alpha’s intellect is always evolving. There came a point of time when Alpha became self aware and left the planet, becoming a cosmic being that seeks only knowledge.

Charles Lensherr

Charles Lensherr was the son of Rogue and Magneto in the Age of Apocalypse alternate timeline. Age of Apocalypse came into being when Legion (Xavier’s son) travelled back in time and accidentally killed his own father. Charles not only bore the name of Erik’s closest friend but he could also look into different timelines. He also manifested vast psychic abilities like Professor X later on.


Onslaught is one of the deadliest beings ever in the Marvel universe. He was strong enough to send several prominent members of the Avengers to the grave. Onslaught was born when Xavier and Magneto’s minds psychically coupled together. Magneto’s immense hatred and grief combined with all of Xavier’s negative emotions he had suppressed for the last 30 years to give us a being of pure psychic energy.

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