Thor: Ragnarok Concept Art Shows How Thor Almost Became Bald

Thor: Ragnarok Concept Art:

Thor: Ragnarok was a film that was really out there, not at all shy of being one of its kind. It was a total comedy which worked for a majority of people. It was the start for Thor to become everyone’s favorite Avenger. The Thor franchise was saved by Taika Waititi, and now Marvel is confident with the brand of Thor once again.

Thor: Ragnarok worked because it let go of everything from the past. Mjolnir, Jane Foster, the Warriors Three, Lady Sif, Odin, Asgard and even Thor’s hair were left behind. Taika completely revamped the Thor franchise into something else. And all that began with Thor losing his hammer & his hair. The new hair cut that Thor got was actually quite stunning, and people might argue that it was better than what Thor had. But there was a concept art which, if followed, would’ve given us an almost bald Thor. Take a look:

Well, Thor has been through many phases, but being bald has not been one of them. We’re glad that it’ll never be a phase with Thor. A bald Thor might not have worked at all, and it won’t work especially now. The royal look is certainly very precious for Thor, and now that he has got his royal look back, we’re pretty sure that it won’t go anywhere.

Thor would get back in shape for Thor: Love and Thunder, and he’d obviously retain his hair and the long beard. It’s funny that almost everything that Taika got rid of in Ragnarok is coming back Thor: Love and Thunder. Jane is coming back, Mjolnir is coming back, Thor’s look is already back, and possibly even Lady Sif is coming back. All these things were sort of given a break so Taika could bring the franchise on track. And now, people will welcome this blast from the past with both arms open. Thor: Love and Thunder arrives on February 12, 2022.

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