12 MCU Heroes and Kids Team Ups We Could See in Avengers 5

Marvel is paving the way for us to reach Avengers 5 and even a Young Avengers squad. Whether a Young Avengers project happens before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty remains to be seen. But if it doesn’t, then we can be sure that it will happen after Secret Wars because the kids will show the adults that they can have their squad. We could see several MCU heroes and kids team up together to form one giant group. And here’s everyone who could be in it:

Thor – Love

Thor just adopted Gorr’s daughter Love. So, Love and Thunder will appear together in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.


Hawkeye – Kate Bishop

Joining Thor and Love would be Clint and Kate, who have already teamed up once.

Ant-Man/The Wasp – Stature

Scott and Cassie are going to become a great father-daughter duo in Quantumania. So, they’d join the team-up event as well. Or maybe it could be the Wasp and Stature if Ant-Man dies in Quantumania.


Captain Marvel – Ms. Marvel

MCU Heroes and Kids

They are going to team up in The Marvels, so obviously, they’ll be teaming up after that as well.

Sam Wilson – Eli Bradley

Eli Bradley was inspired by his grandfather and Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So he could be seen as the Patriot in Captain America 4 before joining Wilson in Avengers 5 as well.


Hulk – Skaar

Hulk has gone back to Sakaar, and it is likely because of his son Skaar. So, this father-son duo could be coming at us in Avengers 5!

Doctor Strange – America Chavez

Strange and Chavez recently bonded in MoM. Right now, Chavez is under Wong’s tutelage. But as soon as Strange returns, he could team up with Chavez! Or, she could even form a duo with Wong.


Spider-Man – Miles Morales

The next Spider-Man movie would surely have Miles Morales in it. So even though Peter is too young himself, he’ll still get to mentor Miles. Then those two Spideys could team up with the rest of OG and Legacy heroes.

Loki – Kid Loki

We’re not sure whether Kid Loki will return in the future. But it would be nice if the older Loki variant and his kid variant could somehow join this team after season 2.


The Maybes

We aren’t sure about the rest of the list, so we’ve put them in the “Maybe” section:

War Machine/Shuri – Ironheart

Shuri is the one who’d mentor Riri Williams to start things off. But as Riri returned to the US, she could join forces with Rhodey. The veteran Avenger could become her mentor in the absence of Tony. And they could step into Avengers 5 together. Or she could come in with Shuri instead.


Reed Richards – Franklin Richards

We’ve seen the origins of the Fantastic Four twice in the past. And now, rumors suggest that the Fantastic Four could start with Sue and Reed already being married and Franklin being along with them. So, Reed and Franklin could be another father-daughter duo in Avengers 5. The same could be the case for Sue and Valeria Richards.


WandaVision – Billy & Tommy

Both Wanda and Vision (White Vision) are set to return sooner or later. But we don’t know whether Billy or Tommy could be returning as well. Their return could make Doctor Strange 2 kinda pointless. So, whether they team up with the others remains to be seen.

Which other adult and kid team up could we see? Could Kang and Iron Lad happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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