Who is Gorr’s Daughter? Love and Thunder Ending EXPLAINED

Thor: Love and Thunder has just opened up the MCU even further with Gods of the universe. And along with them, we got to see several other cosmic beings. There were just so many powerful new characters that could be explored in future movies. But we wanna look into the new character that came along with Gorr the God Butcher. Here’s our explanation of who is Gorr’s daughter.

Spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen Thor: Love and Thunder yet.

Yet another drastic change happens in Thor’s life as he would now experience fatherhood. In the 1500+ years, he has lived his life, he has been more of a loner. He has had several lovers. But none of them made him feel the way he did for Jane Foster. He hoped to find love in the movie. And even though he didn’t get Jane’s love for a long time since she died, he literally found a little girl called Love! And now he would have to be her mentor and a father like Guardian.


Love is played by India Rose Hemsworth, the daughter of Chris Hemsworth aka Thor! But she isn’t the biological daughter of Thor as she is the reincarnated daughter of Gorr the Godbutcher. Gorr couldn’t save her at the beginning of the film as she died of starvation. But as he reached Eternity, he just had to make one wish and all Gods would have perished. But Thor and Jane convinced him to choose Love over revenge and death. And since Gorr wasn’t cursed by the Necrosword anymore, he did wish for Eternity to resurrect his daughter. Now because she was brought back out of love, she was renamed, Love!


Thor promised to take care of her and become her Uncle Thor! So together the two came to be called Love and Thunder! But as you may have noticed in the movie, Love is no ordinary little girl. Her reflection in the water almost seemed like a reincarnation of Eternity herself when she came back. So it is clear that she came from Eternity. But we’re assuming that instead of being Eternity, she’s actually the Marvel comics version of the character called Singularity.


The MCU mostly makes small or insanely huge changes to all Marvel characters. And Singularity seems no different. Even though she is this cosmically powerful being, she still carries the memories of her past life as Gorr’s daughter. All that’s changed is that she has a lot of new powers. In the comics, she is a sentient quantum singularity who has mostly been portrayed in the form of a small girl. Her true origin and history are largely a mystery, but she has been created out of Eternity.


Comic readers first saw in the sky after the collapse of the multiverse during Secret Wars. She seems to contain a pocket universe of her own, and she was first seen in the skies of Arcadia, in the Earth-16191 timeline. Arcadia is a domain of Battleworld. Here she made a huge sacrifice to save her friends as she absorbed a hoard of Zombies. Then she flew up into the sky and exploded into white light. But this wasn’t the end of Singularity. She eventually made her way to Earth-616 and became friends with several characters. But her most notable adventures have actually been with Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel.


Powers and Abilities of Love aka Singularity

Who is Gorr’s Daughter

She has got all sorts of God-level powers in the books. Besides holding a pocket dimension of her own, she is able to deploy herself as an enveloping shroud around people. This shroud acts as a shield, and she could even transport anyone anywhere across the multiverse once she envelops them. Along with flight and teleportation, she has also shown the capability to travel through time. So far in the MCU, we’ve seen that she can fire energy blasts. She is strong enough to wield a weapon as powerful as Stormbreaker! But I believe that once she gets control over her powers, she won’t even need Stormbreaker.


It will be interesting to see if she also has a multiversal teleportation ability as she does in the comics. That would come in handy with the whole Multiverse storyline in the MCU right now. And we’d have another character like America Chavez who could travel across different realities. But most importantly, it would be interesting to see Thor’s father-daughter arc in the MCU. We’ve seen Logan and several others with a narrative like that. So, let’s see how Thor tackles the responsibilities of being a father figure. Things would become even more amazing to witness keeping in mind that Chris Hemsworth and his own daughter are sharing this relationship on screen.


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