Avengers: Infinity War Theory – Why Did Odin Have A Fake Infinity Gauntlet?

Avengers: Infinity War has been out for more than 2 months now, and the impact the movie created still remains stagnant in our brains. Infinity War brought the greatest villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who came in, completed the Infinity Gauntlet and wiped out half the population of the entire Universe with just a snap of his fingers. But one of the questions about the Infinity Gauntlet still remains prominent in our minds, which is that why did Odin have a fake Infinity Gauntlet in his vault?

As we saw in the first Thor movie that Odin had an Infinity Gauntlet in his vault with all the Infinity Stones studded in it. This gave rise to the question that how could this be possible if Thanos is going to collect the stones throughout the Universe and put it in his own Gauntlet.

People asked whether there were two Infinity Gauntlets or was it a mistake on the part of the MCU. But Thor: Ragnarok solved this mystery by proving that the Infinity Gauntlet we saw in Odin’s vault was just a fake.

As funny as the scene was, with Hela just subtly knocking the Gauntlet away, it made many of us think that why was the Gauntlet there in the first place.  

Well, a Reddit fan DraftDraw has come up with a theory that answers this question completely covering all the bases. The theory begins with Odin learning about the Infinity Stones from his father Bor, and is then linked straight to the story of Odin and Hela who rose to power conquering all the realms.

The theory suggests that Odin and Hela went for the search of the Stones and having attained one of the stones (Space), Odin then went straight to Nidavellir and commissioned the dwarves to create a model Infinity Gauntlet with fake stones to try on for size.

But after that, Odin found out the location of the Soul Stone and went to retrieve it. Finding out that he would have to sacrifice his most loved one to get the Stone, Odin forfeited as he could not sacrifice his own daughter like Thanos did in Infinity War killing Gamora for the Stone. DraftDraw wrote:

“At about this time he discovered the whereabouts of the Soul Stone and what was required of him to get it: He’d have to sacrifice that which he loved the most, which was Hela. He found he couldn’t do it and in that moment Odin stopped being a conqueror and started being a king.”

Then comes the rivalry between Odin and Hela that was narrated in Ragnarok. DraftDraw continues:

“Hela didn’t understand this change of heart; she knew what the Infinity Stones were because Odin specifically told her that’s why they were conquering all the realms, and Hela believed in that power more than anything else. So she and Odin fought; Odin won and that’s when he imprisoned her in Hell. Odin put the fake Gauntlet in his treasure room as a reminder of both what he’d done and what he’d lost, and swore that he would protect all that he had conquered.”

And then this theory ends by giving Thanos a way to get the Infinity Gauntlet made. As we saw in Infinity War that he forced Eitri to forge a Gauntlet for him, and then we saw the Age of Ultron scene of Thanos where he grabs the Gauntlet and says, “Fine! I’ll do it myself.”

Now, you may be asking that if Odin found the Space Stone, then how did it end up on Earth? Well, according to this theory, he actually hid the stone on Earth knowing that the Soul Stone in irretrievable and the Dark Elves had the reality stone because of his father. But then he became a King instead of the conqueror, and settled down, protecting the 9 Realms raising his two sons Thor and Loki.

Why Did Odin Have A Fake Infinity Gauntlet

Well, this was amazing and it could very well be the case. This also brings up the possibility that Hela could still be alive and knowing the importance of the Infinity Stones, she may form an alliance with Thanos or actually help the Avengers getting the stones back in Avengers 4.

Who knows what is going to happen. Avengers 4 will come out on May 3, 2019. 

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