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Green Goblin Is Better Than The Joker? No Way Home Approves!!!

No way Home has had a great run on the box office up until now. The movie had one of the biggest openings of the year, garnering over $600 million worldwide in just over 3 days. No Way Home is one of those marvel experiments that did exceptionally well, even more than Marvel Studios was expecting. A big reason for this was the returning cast from the old Spider-Man movies, both heroes and villains. Although it was fun to see the Spider-Men unite, the highlight of the movie was the villains. Some people are even claiming that Green Goblin is better than the Joker.

Not many people have the capacity to play psychotic killers as Willem Dafoe does. He makes us shiver in our boots with his iconic Goblin laugh and intimidates Spidey like no one has before. We should remember that this Spider-Man has fought universe-ending threats and he doesn’t scare easily. Tom Holland is also quick to jump to action and he does not have to find his way much like his predecessors. However, he has yet to face major villains alone, without any effective backup. This movie really hammers home that point.


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Spider-Man is a superhero who works alone. He has worked in teams before and he still does in the MCU. But being a team member is not something he does every day. His adventures rest on his shoulders, that is how the fans like it and how it has always been. Goblin uses that to his advantage. He scares peter, showing him what real crazy is like. Up until now, everyone that Peter had fought in the MCU had been someone with an agenda. Ergo the destruction the villains caused was not without a reason, however, misplaced. But the Goblin just wants to watch the world burn.


Green Goblin Is Better Than The Joker

Willem Dafoe’s original character from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was supposed to be the antithesis of Peter. While Tobey Maguire Spider-Man took Uncle Ben’s teaching to heart, the Goblin had different ideas for his powers. Both of these characters possess enhanced strength and reflexes, but they use them completely differently. Peter understands that great power and great responsibility go hand in hand. However, Goblin only wants to focus on doing what is best for him. He uses his strength to take what he wants.


The Goblin doesn’t care who he hurts. He only wishes to win and to dominate. This is made clear by his actions in the first movie. He even offers Tobey Maguire a partnership. The Goblin wants to live like God because he has convinced himself that he is one. It is a dangerous kind of villain that is not afraid of anything you throw at him. He can go to any length and can be incredibly hard to defeat. Much like Heath ledger’s Joker, you cannot stop someone whose motivations are not entirely clear.


However, the only difference between The Dark Knight and Spider-Man is that Spider-Man’s villains usually end up dead while the Joker knows that Batman never kills. So The Goblin is much better than the Joker because of the stakes in front of him. We still get nightmares about the laughs that Willem Dafoe did in No Way Home. The way he shook off Tom Holland’s punches reminded us of the Arkham Games, or old Animated series Joker.


The Facts

By virtue of his strength and chaotic nature, the Goblin has already Joker in terms of their range and magnitude of destruction. Add onto it the fact that The Goblin brutally murdered Aunt May and you come to the realization that Green Goblin Is Better Than The Joker. There can be some debate about the version of the character in media but we are of the opinion that Willem Dafoe did an outstanding job. The final fight between Green Goblin and Tom Holland was not for overcoming hardship, rather it acted as a wish-fulfillment for the audience.


The real question is now that Willem Dafoe’s character is cured will we see him in the MCU or the SPUMC again. We would love to see another version of this or James Franco’s character. Imagine if we get a SPUMC carnage version of the Goblin, much like the comics. Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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