10 Times The Incredible Hulk Actually Ate Someone  

The Incredible Hulk is known for two things – his raw, brutal strength and his general viciousness. His anger and temperament are legendary. While the Hulk is more or less a superhero, sometimes his rage gets the best of him. Presenting 10 times the incredible hulk actually ate someone…..

Hulk Eats Mr. Fantastic

Contest of Champions II saw several heroes being pitted against each other by a seemingly benevolent alien race in exchange for advanced technology. Hulk goes against Mr. Fantastic. Reed Richards wraps his body around Hulk and tries to cut off his oxygen supply. The Hulk just takes a long breath and swallows him whole only to spit him out later.

Zombie Hulk eats the whole Universe

In Marvel Zombies, the heroes have been infected with a virus that turns them into sentient flesh-eating zombies. When the Silver Surfer comes to Earth to warn the heroes about Galactus’ arrival, the heroes devour him too. When Galactus arrives, Hulk and the heroes devour Galactus and gain the Power Cosmic that they use to travel to another world and start all over again.

Old Man Hulk eats Old Man Logan

In the Old Man Logan series, the villains unite and manage to destroy the superhero population. The rest of the heroes are forced into hiding as the world is divided amongst abomination, Doctor Doom, Red Skull and Magneto. The Hulk later kills Abomination and takes over his territory. When Old Man Logan decides to go after the Hulk for killing his family, the Hulk eats him alive. Logan later regenerates and bursts out of his stomach, killing him.

Hulk eats Ant-Man

Eric O’Grady, the fourth Ant-Man is one greedy son of a bitch. But he still finds it in his heart to help people when the situation demands it. In World War Hulk, when the Hulk threatened to level the entire city, Ant-Man decides to stop the Hulk from within. He gets into the Hulk’s insides by jumping into his mouth only to be surprised later with the fact that the Hulk is as indestructible from the inside as he is from the outside.

Ultimate Hulk eats Abomination

The Abomination is the Hulk’s greatest foe. In the Ultimates universe, Chang Lam becomes the abomination when he tries to make a more stable version of Banner’s formula. This version of Abomination has no mental illness but is still no match for the Hulk. While fighting the Liberators, The Hulk encounters Abomination. He rips him apart piece by piece and later feasts on his corpse.

The Hulk eats Herr Kleiser

Herr Kleiser is a member of the shape-shifting Chitauri race – an alien race that has been the focal point of everything evil in the Ultimates Universe. In one issue, Captain America realizes that the only way of defeating his original arch nemesis is by unleashing the Hulk on him. Cap enrages Incredible Hulk to the point that the latter goes into a fit of rage and devours Herr Kleiser alive.

Hulk chews Silver Surfer

When the Silver Surfer comes to Earth to warn the earthlings about the arrival of the planet-devouring Galactus, Hulk gets in on the action quite literally. Remember how we said the Hulk ate the whole universe once. Ell, he started off with the Silver Surfer. The Zombie Hulk first beheaded the Silver Surfer by literally chewing his head out of his body; then feasted on his remains.

The Hulk eats Magneto

Zombie Hulk is one terrifying son of a bitch. His reign of flesh-eating terror began when the Hulk was infected by the Zombie Virus in Marvel Zombies. His first offense as a zombie was biting Magneto’s leg off and then feasting on his remains. The scene is gnarly and filled with blood, intestines, and gore.

The Ultimate Hulk is a Cannibal

In Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2, the Hulk’s alter ego works and lives a normal job and life. When he is teased incessantly for being a Vegan by his co-workers, the Hulk persona takes over. Bruce Banner, as the Hulk, kills all of his co-workers and eats them to show how much he actually loves eating meat.

The Hulk eats New York City

Incredible Hulk

When the Zombie superheroes are transferred to other universes by the Acolyte Malcolm Cortez, one of the first to the infected is the Hulk of that universe. The Incredible Hulk and his Warbound, fresh off their ordeal from Sakaar, get to the Inhuman City on the moon where they are all infected by the Zombie Virus and killed. The Hulk survives and gets to New York City only to be completely taken over by the virus as he starts eating NY residents while on an eating frenzy.

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