Iron Man Admits His Mistake From Captain America: Civil War

Iron Man is definitely one of the most significant characters from Marvel. Over the various narratives we have seen the character appear in, we can clearly say that he has a very Shakespearean arc. He is responsible for certain evils and this has actually led to a rather interesting turn of events on massive scales. Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe has indicated that there are a lot of villains who were created only because of Tony Stark’s mistakes. One of the biggest events in the Marvel Universe, Civil War took one of the biggest fights between two teams of superheroes. These teams were led by Iron Man and Captain America, and fans over the years have suspected Iron Man as the sole responsibility for what happened. According to a recent Marvel Comics issue, Iron Man admits his mistake from the Civil War narrative to Captain America.

Civil War

Marvel’s 2006-2007’s Civil War narrative actually saw the superhero community divided into two because of the Superhero Registration Act. The act was passed because of a freak accident where hundreds of people were killed. This resulted in heroes being either forced to register with the government and hand over their autonomy in the process or end up in jail. Over the issues of the narratives, we saw Iron Man and Captain America clash over their ideologies. These two made their own team which resulted in a clash that resulted in a massive narrative.


We got to see the narrative resulting in the passing of an Initiative that didn’t have the planned outcomes. The Act provided for the 50-State Initiative that stated that each state in America will have its very own superhero team. With machinations of the Norman Osborn, it became clear that this Registration Act had its evils and it became obvious that it had to be removed from the books. We actually got to see an adaptation of this narrative in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America: Civil War. This plot wasn’t left out and we actually got to see a continuation of this arc later in a new narrative from Marvel.


Iron Man Admits His Mistake

Tony Stark is the only character in Marvel who has shown the most significant amount of ego. It goes to show his character has certain layers that make him more human than most of the other heroes. In Captain America/Iron Man #2, Steve Rogers talks about why the Fifty-State Initiative didn’t end up working. He was right in saying that heroes end up becoming who they are through their own goals at making the world a better place. The government’s involvement wouldn’t allow them to actually work out according to themselves and they would be reduced to orders from their state commanders.


Steve mentions that this would actually lead to an increase in the number of crimes. The heroes will be reduced to properties of the state and they won’t be able to operate on crimes that will take place across the border. In a twist of events, we see that Iron Man acknowledges and agrees by stating “No one ever wants to go to Ohio.” This initiative was considered to be one of the worst decisions made in the Marvel Universe. It was so unpopular that it wasn’t even mentioned in the movie adaptation of the narrative.


Iron Man Admits His Mistake

Stark accepting his mistake is actually important as this will lead to a better person from the character. He is associated with some of the biggest problems in the Marvel Universe but at the same time, he is also known to make up for it. While the MCU saw a different narrative where Stark ended up realizing his mistake and he ended up fighting for a selfish reason. But in the end, it was him coming back to the Avengers that led to the success of the heroes over Thanos.

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