All What If…? Episodes Ranked From Good To Great

The What If…? series has finally come to an end. What If…? The Watcher Broke His Oath premiered a couple of days ago and already the fans are asking which was the best episode of the season. The finale was good but it was not the best episode. We have all What If episodes ranked from good to great down below. Take a look and let us know if you agree with the list in the comments below. Don’t get mad. My ranking may not be the same as yours. We’re all entitled to have opinions. So, check out this list:

All What If Episodes Ranked 

9. What If…? Earth Lost its mightiest heroes

This episode is number 3 in the season and it is truly heartbreaking. Not do we get to see the death of all the Avengers, we also get a crazed Hank Pym and a defeated Fury. Before calling in Captain Marvel, we get to see Fury take the help of Loki and then lose control of the earth to the villain. This is a lead-up for a bigger fight which we get a glimpse of in the Finale of What If…? Although the premise of the episode is interesting, the presentation and the pacing leaves a lot to be desired. Hence, it is ranked number 9 on our list.


8. Party Thor

While not a bad episode, What If…? Thor we’re an only child is a lacklustre episode. The episode is about Thor trying to prevent his mother from finding out about his party on earth. Thor tries his best during this episode to have maximum fun and stay out of the realm of a scolding. We even get to see a frost giant Loki make an appearance. Party Thor is a good episode, it’s just a little too laid back for our taste. Hence the reason for ranking it number 8 on our list.


7. T’Challa Starlord

What If…? Also gave an ode to Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa. The actor dies battling cancer but this episode made sure to show us just how influential his legacy is in the MCU. From Beyond the Grave, T’Challa rose as Starlord and defeated Thanos way before he set out on his evil quest. He even returned to Wakanda in the second episode of the series. The episode was really good and it deserves the number 7 spot on this list.


6. What If…? The Watcher Broke His Oath

What If Episodes Ranked

The finale of the first season of the show came to an explosive conclusion. With the Watcher assembling the Guardians of the Multiverse we got to witness an epic battle with Infinity Ultron. Of course, the episode had plenty of its own twists and turns. Including the betrayal by Erik Killmonger and Zola which was expected by the end. The great thing about the episode was that each hero got their moment to shine in it. Even Black Widow got her moment in the sun in Episode 9, and that is why it is ranked 6.


5. What If…? Erik Killmonger saved Tony

What if…? Erik Killmonger saved Tony took a separate route in killing Iron Man. In so much as it fooled us into believing that Tony would still be alive until the end. No such luck Stark had to die like all his other variants. We rank it No.5 on our list as the mildly amusing kill fest it was as Episode 6 in the season. We would have enjoyed it more if we got to see Stark’s iron man suit go against Killmonger in a Black Panther Costume. But at least Tony was not the first one to die in this episode.


4. What If…? Ultron won

A sad desolate reality brought about by ones who sought to protect everyone. What If…? Ultron Won was a Grimm look at the reality where Ultron fought with the Avengers and was successful in integrating with the mind gem. This gave unlimited power and he was even able to kill Thanos in the flash of an eye. With the infinity stones combined, Ultron’s power became unparalleled. He laid waste to his universe and then decimated The Watcher in a one-on-one battle. Episode 8 truly was one of the better ones in the series.


3. Captain Carter

What If Episodes Ranked

The first episode in the season was a true banger. That is the reason we rank No. 3 on our list. Peggy Carter becomes Captain Carter in this universe taking the role of Captain America and making it her own. We saw her battle the forces of the red skull, capture Armin Zola and claim the tesseract. That last achievement allowed for the creation of the Iron Monger. Steve Rogers’ own Iron Man suit. This storyline was even given a nod in the finale with the after-credits scene. We expect it to continue in season 2. Episode 8 truly ripped our hearts out.


2. What If…? Zombies

Ranking no 2 on our list is What If..? Zombies. This episode is a harrowing one, coming straight after Strange Supreme, Zombies captures the true sadness of a desolate reality. We are introduced to the world of Infinity War from a Zombie lens. Something or the other keeps dying in this universe. We never thought we would get to see a hero on hero violence to this extent. You never know you wanted to see Winter Soldier kick a Zombie Captain America’s Butt with his own shield until you actually see it.


1. What If…? Doctor Strange Lost his Heart and Not His Arms

This is the 4th episode of the season and it is one of the most heartbreaking. In this universe, Strange loses his life, Catherine and this sends him down a dark path. A path that ends with him destroying his universe and absorbing millions of malevolent mystic beats. He even absorbs a part of the power of Shuma-Gorath which is never a good thing. This is the best episode of the season bar none, simply for its pacing and three acts that just keep on escalating further and further.

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