The Massive Twist Dropped In “The Trial of Flash” And Barry Is Free To Go

In last night’s episode of the Flash, we saw the culmination of CW’s The Flash’s mid-season finale vis-à-vis “The trial of the flash”. In the mid-season finale, we saw The Flash arrested for Clifford DeVo, the thinker. Thanks, thinker was (obviously) alive and Barry Allen was (obviously) framed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It solidifies the integrity of the character that he chose to stand trial rather than fleeing the crime scene. We saw the trial unfold when the Flash came back to CW after it’s new year hiatus. The trial of Flash saw Barry Allen incarcerated for a murder he did not commit, devoid of his powers.

The Scarlet Speedster was hopelessly cornered, his reputation ruined, his pleas, in vain. Fans saw a faint hope in the form of Cecile’s appeal to the court of law. In Season 4 Episode 13 “True Colours” we saw how dismissive the judiciary was of Cecile’s appeal. But the tables turn when Clifford DeVo himself is rolled into the courtroom in a wheelchair. Hurt, but alive nonetheless.

Why would The Thinker help Scarlet Speedster, you ask? That’s because the man that was presented in the courtroom was not Clifford DeVo but The Elongated mn and his new shapeshifting powers.

When Barry Allen came back from his speedforce prison to the post flashpoint version of the arrow verse, he split through the speedforce itself and the resulting energy electrocuted a nearby city bus to create the bus metas. These were a group of normal human beings exposed to both to a speedforce storm and some rather peculiar multiverse energy when Barry Allen broke through the multiverse itself to return to the arrowverse. This resulted in cosmic radiation that transformed everyday people into (mostly) supervillains. The bus metas themselves posed a mediocre threat to Central City and we’re perhaps a group of secondary antagonists. Like a bunch of side missions, with Clifford Deavo at the top of the ladder.

The Flash’s arch enemy for the season, Clifford Deavo shines especially bright in the episode, not only absorbing the powers of three bus metas but also taking over the body of Hazard herself. This translates to the fact that the thinker now not only has the powers of Black Bison and Hazard but he is also a petite, quite aggressive, blonde chick.

Well, I don’t know how we feel about that. Honestly, I’m not quite sure how The Mechanic (Thinker’s wife) feels about them either. The fact seemed evident from her lack of faith in her husband this episode. Maybe that is the reason why The Thinker employed his (her?) The Weeper powers to make The Mechanic Fall in Love with her again. Now, I quite agree that the entire thing has a certain emotional gravitas to it. But honestly CW, classic spouse trope, you can do better than that.

Regardless, the real development (and the cliffhanger on which the show ended or rather concluded Trial of the flash) had nothing to do with Clifford DeVo himself, well not the real him anyway. The elongated man or rather how we better know him the arrowverse, one of the bus metas named Ralph Dibney (or as the comic fans know him, Elongated man) realized that he has shapeshifting powers.

The Elongated man then showed up as Clifford DeVo himself right into the courtroom where Cecile and Iris were making an appeal for Barry’s release. The appeal seemed to fall apart until the exact point where Dibeny showed up to the rescue of the girls.

Well, I’d dare say that that was a rather fortunate turn of events. But viewers must exonerate a show for such liberties. A luck is a derived factor out of the true nature of stories. The true of stories is simple, the reality is boring. And liberties such as exceptional luck (like elongated man figuring out shapeshifting powers exactly when Barry escaped the prison with the bus metas) must be accorded to a show trying to keep things interesting.

The bus metas have completely transformed from secondary antagonists to complete cannon fodder. Well, all except the elongated man. The appearance of Ralph Dibney clearly represents that the CW will not wait for developing a larger universe. Now with Black lightening on Netflix and Arrow continually referring Batman, it seems more and more likely that CW might head towards a justice league TV series. Something on a smaller scale, if not justice league then perhaps a team like outsiders. Why not DC, Marvel is doing it with Defenders and honestly, not having too much success with it. A TV series of Justice League on the other hand with the budget nowadays might be exactly what the fans need. Too much speculation not enough data.

trial of flash

We move forward, we wait, and we see what the show does. Until then look out for flash on the CW and for everything related to arrowverse, stick around.

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