12 MCU Characters That Could Be Very Scary In a Horror Film

Marvel is a place where we find characters hailing from almost everywhere in the galaxy. Be it Earthlings such as Iron Man and Captain America, or Thor hailing from Asgard, the variety doesn’t stop. Moreover, villains such as Thanos from Titan or Dormammu, one who’s as old as time, the stretch is incalculable. But few of these characters really end to give you the creep! Here’s a list of 12 MCU characters that could be very scary in a horror film:

Ebony Maw (Avengers: Infinity War)

When I first saw Maw in Avengers: Infinity War, I couldn’t help but feel awkward and a little weak in the knees. Even though he is absolutely creepy, you adjust to his face in a little while. I really liked his character as he is ruthless. His only motive – serve Thanos. Maw’s fight with Doctor Strange sheds an interesting fact about his character that he is not afraid to kill. His persona could really intensify a horror movie.

Aldrich Killian (Iron Man 3)

Iron Man 3 was a successful movie, no doubt. But Aldrich Killian really stood out to me. He’s a normal human who ends up becoming a fire-breathing monster! It was epic. His psychopathic personality only embedded a few more stars in his villainous approach. He uses the Extremis virus to repair physical damage to himself. However, it takes a toll on his mind and he becomes an extremely aggressive killing machine. Hence, perfect for an action-horror movie!

Kaecilius (Doctor Strange)

MCU Characters That Could Be Very Scary

Honestly, this is my favorite pick. He’s easily the topmost MCU character that could be very scary in a horror film. In fact, he should be the lead. He was a former sorcerer and member of the Mystic Arts. After forming a group of Zealots, his only goal was to bring Dormammu to Earth and derive powers from the Dark Dimension. His overall persona, ruthlessness, and expressionless face are enough to give you the creeps. Kaecilius scarred face and the will to kill make a great villain overall.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (WandaVision)

Marvel’s Phase 4 is all about establishing the sideline character. That brings me to Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen. She finally got her solo series called WandaVision which aired on Disney+. Believe it or not, she took an entire town hostage because she could not control her powers and let out a sudden burst. She is now the Scarlet Witch, and she is ready to scare everyone in her path. She could definitely amp a horror movie with her mere presence. Wanda lost everything – her parents, Pietro (brother), and Vision, whom she loved. As a result, she made an alternate reality for her to live her life. Imagine the damage that she can do!

Heimdall (Thor)

Okay, I know that he is on our side and guards Asgard. But man, isn’t he intimidating! His entire persona and dead tone gave me the chills when I first saw him. The character is rather perfectly played by Idris Elba.  In the first Thor, he never removes his helmet and doesn’t speak as much as he would later on in the MCU. Moreover, he is really powerful and a trained swordsman. I can easily see him in a horror movie!

Algrim/Kurse (Thor: The Dark World)

I don’t know why people have forgotten about Kurse from Thor: The Dark World. This villain could easily star in his own monster-type world-based horror movie. Algrim was a servant to the leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith. After the sacrifice himself, he is turned into this monster, Kurse. Algrim was a dangerous, loyal soldier to Malekith and then mutated into a freakishly looking creature. The very fact that he is void of compassion makes him the perfect candidate for a horror movie.

Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Nebula adopted daughter of Thanos is a psychopath. Probably the only feelings she has are resentment and anger. She has this dead-eyed face that can scare anyone if looked at in an instant. Moreover, she wants to kill her own sister. This little touch makes her even perfect for a horror movie. Her first appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy portrayed her as a sociopath that helped the main villain, Ronan. Her black shiny eyes are really creepy. So yes, could be a great addition!

Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Ultron is a lethal killing machine and had plans of mass genocide. In my opinion, the only thing he cannot feel is innocence. He would be the soul of a horror movie because he has this sense of dark humor that is an epic touch. White Vision is a perfect example of how someone like him and Ultron could be scary. With no compassion towards human life, these machines can wipe out life in an instant. Nobody except James Spader could have played this role in my opinion. The sociopath robot was created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, with the former believing the world needed a suit of armor.

Bucky/The Winter Soldier (Captain America)

MCU Characters That Could Be Very Scary

Honestly, when I first saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I was taken aback by Sebastian Stan’s performance. The Winter Soldier was a HYDRA Agent programmed to only kill. I felt like he would come out of the screen and kill me. Moreover, when he would see his target, he would make a face so emotionless and then proceed to kill them. A personality and an aura like this would shake things up in a horror movie. But that is not it. He has super-human strength and a metal arm! Luckily, he is fighting crime these days alongside Sam Wilson (Falcon).

Agatha Harkness (WandaVision)

It’s not every day that a villain comes and makes you fall in love with them. But this is exactly what happened when Agatha Harkness was in WandaVision. She is a devious witch, with her own theme song! It’s called Agatha All Along. Agatha has the power to feed on other witches’ energy. In an epic showdown between Agatha and Wanda, we saw that Agatha is not only strong but really knowledgeable too. She is aware of the spells, methods, and everything necessary. Plus, she is not empathetic. She held Wanda’s twins by their neck! Agatha all the way for a horror movie!

Surtur (Thor: Ragnarok)

Is it just me or did you also really enjoy Thor: Ragnarok? Well, the opening itself shows us the gigantic and firey villain called Surtur. He confirms to Thor that Asgard will fall, and that is the very meaning of Ragnarok. Well, he was not wrong. It was him only who ripped his sword through Asgard. He is native to the extradimensional plane of Muspelheim. The reason why Surtur is after Asgard is because he was imprisoned by Odin inside Earth. He even has a history in the comics with Odin’s son Loki, as he freed Surtur to usurp Odin. Truly a magnificent villain, and a perfect villain or a horror film!

Hela (Thor: Ragnarok)

Just because she is at the bottom of the list, does not mean that she is not one of my favorite picks. I mean, she is literally the Goddess of Death. It was revealed by Hela that Odin and she went on for centuries to kill civilization and conquer worlds. She is ruthless, and unhinged when it comes to battle. She destroyed Thor’s hammer Mjolnir in a snap. Also, her most infamous dialogue from the movie is, “You have no idea what’s possible.” It is just sad that she has not returned since Ragnarok. For me, she’s a really strong villain and could wreak havoc.

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