10 Wild Fan Theories About The Future of MCU Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is recognized as the house of the biggest superhero blockbusters. However, this franchise has gone beyond films and become a huge universe in itself. Each and every film carefully placed in order to craft a bigger storyline of the phase. It brings millions of fans together from all across the world, who put on their creative hats and theorize their own versions of explanations and future plotlines. Now that the first three phases of MCU are over with Avengers: Endgame, it is time for new heroes, villains, and stories to hit the big screen. Fans have formed some theories regarding the future of MCU based on past events and comic books. Find out the 10 wild fan theories about the future of MCU movies.

Adam Warlock Will Bring Back The Infinity Stones

Adam Warlock Play Major Role in Phase 5

“Guardians of the Galaxy 2” has shown us that Adam Warlock is not far from entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The stories of Adam Warlock and the Infinity Stones are incomplete without each other. Some believe that after he emerges from his cocoon and learns that the Infinity Stones were destroyed, he will go on to create them again and hand each of them to a different MCU hero. After all, the Infinity Stone can revive Vision and will also help Doctor Strange protect the reality and time of Earth.

Dormammu Tricked Doctor Strange

Doctor strange do without the time stone

The last time Dormammu tried to invade earth, Doctor Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to trap himself and Dormammu in a time loop where the ruler of Dark Dimension would defeat Strange over and over again for eternity. With the threat of being stuck in the loop with Strange forever, Dormammu gave up and forfeited. But according to theory, the biggest threat of MCU wasn’t Thanos but Dormammu who tricked Doctor Strange to pick a timeline that would destroy the Eye of Agamotto with the Time Stone, Iron Man, and his biggest enemy, Thanos. In the end, Thanos was defeated at the cost of Tony Stark’s life and even the Time Stone got destroyed in that timeline.

The Snap Brought The Mutants

The latest theory regarding the Infinity Stone and mutants sounds wild but also believable. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda tells she and Pietro gained powers after being experimented with the Mind Stone. But some fans believe that the Mind Stone only awakens and amplifies the inactive mutant abilities that already existed in them. Later, Rocket Raccoon told the Avengers that snapping Infinity Stone release powerful energy. This could mean that the burst of energy released from the stone could awaken the dormant mutant genes.

Spider-Man Kisses A Deal With Mephisto

Spider-Man: Far From Home Captain Americ

Spider-Man: Far From Home left the fans jaw dropped in the mid-credits when Mysterio revealed his secret identity and threw Spidey in a bad light even after his death. When a similar incident occurred in the comic book issue “One More Day”, Spider-Man struck a deal with the demon Mephisto to restore his secret identity. This happened when Aunt May was badly injured and had no chance of recovering. The demon agreed to save Aunt May and revive Peter Parker’s secret under one condition- He would erase the memory of Peter’s marriage to Mary Jane (MJ).

Professor X and Mutants Existed Discreetly

Wild Fan Theories of MCU Movies
Wild Fan Theories of MCU Movies

Disney acquiring Fox and Marvel acquiring its rights back to X-Men has forced several fans to come up with their theories. After all, everyone is wondering how MCU will introduce the X-Men in their universe. One of the theories suggests that Professor X used his telepathic powers to force everyone to believe that mutants never existed in their world. Even though he did this to protect the mutants from humans, the recent events of Infinity War force him to change his mind. He might finally introduce the mutants and join the Avengers to protect the Earth.

Stan Lee Was Steve Rogers

Wild Fan Theories of MCU Movies
Wild Fan Theories of MCU Movies

Many fans believed that the late Stan Lee played his cameo throughout the MCU Phase 1,2 and 3 as the Watcher. But after Avengers: Endgame, a new theory has surfaced, indicating that Stan Lee was old Steve Rogers traveling across time to revisit the major MCU events.

Multiverse Crossover

WandaVision Reason For Electro’s Return In Spider-Man 3

It is no news that multiverse will be the central focus of the upcoming MCU phases 4 and 5 with “WandaVision”, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, and “Spider-Man 3” where Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man versions will show up from different universe. This has given birth to a new belief that the Secret Wars crossover is impending in the upcoming MCU movies. The Secret Wars saw the Marvel heroes from various realities and universes fighting together on a common ground called Battleworld. This also raises the chances of X-Men appearing from an alternate world without having to play with the existing world of MCU.

Thanos Created Galactus

Avengers: Endgame Theory Thanos Galactus
Wild Fan Theories of MCU Movies

Thanos is one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe and it is not easy to get rid of such kinds of big bad. What if the Mad Titan is gone but his diabolical plans stay intact to haunt the universe forever? According to some fans, after wiping out half the universe, Thanos used his Infinity Gauntlet one last time to create a powerful being that consumed planets in order to survive, aka Galactus. This would ensure that the universe would stay balanced even after Thanos’ death.  Galactus is a Marvel supervillain who devoured planets and was killed by Silver Surfer of the Fantastic Four.

Skrulls Are The Real Villains

The Skrulls were always the bad guys in the comic books who shape-shifted themselves into trusted superheroes and officials in the “Secret Invasion” storyline. The plot twist of “Captain Marvel” revealed that the Skrulls were the good ones who were victimized by the Kree Empire. However, that belief has been put on thin ice ever since we saw two Skrulls impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. Perhaps, the Skrulls are just pretending to be good aliens who work alongside Captain Marvel and Nick Fury but are secretly observing Earth and learning its weakness to attack at the right time.

Thaddeus Ross As Red Hulk

General Ross was introduced in “The Incredible Hulk” who was determined to confine Hulk and prevent him from wreaking havoc at all costs, regardless of his own questionable methods. Their chase game has been on halt for a while now but theories suggest that it will rise again and this time both the rivals will be equally powerful. If the movie follows the comic books, Ross will consume a serum that will transform him into Red Hulk who is not only as strong as Hulk but can also absorb energy.

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