Everything You Need To Know About Spider-Man: Homecoming’s New Villain

Yesterday, it was reported that a new villain was added to MCU’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Aside from Vulture, The Tinkerer, and The Shocker, the villain Nightwatch will become the fourth villain to hopefully battle Spider-Man. Some of you may not be aware of Nightwatch and want to know more about him. Fret not, here are a few things to get you acquainted to the new screen baddie.


Nightwatch was first introduced in Web Of Spiderman #97.He was once known as Trench, who was rescued from death by his future self. This occurrence scarred him which led him to live as a reclusive man on a Caribbean Island. Criminal Alfredo who was washed up on the beaches on the island stole Trench’s glove and tries to run away with it. This lead to a chase which ultimately resulted in Trench accepting his new identity as Nightwatch.


Like Spawn, Nightwatch wears a cape that contains self-replicating nanites that allow having super strength. He has the ability to control hi suit with his subconscious which enables him to fly and grow tentacles that are used to wrap around his enemies.When he activates Warbringer on his suit, massive weapons are fired upon his enemies.

His Real Identity

Before taking on the moniker of Nightwatcher, Trench used to be Nighteater. He changed his name so that he could enjoy a relaxed life as a retired superhero. His true identity was discovered in the She-Hulk comics. Nighteater was the huge villain.

What To Expect In The Movie


As Nightwatch has two superhero/villain identities, it would be interesting to see how the movie plays with the character and his identity. He was once a villain who tries to amend his old ways by taking on a new moniker. It’s doubtful that he would be the main villain, though, as the character seems fluid enough to be either a bad guy or a permanent superhero.

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