5 Reasons Why Everyone Is In Love With Deadpool

The latest Deadpool 2 teaser is just hilarious, where the Merc with the Mouth reflects the insanity, featuring the legendary Stan Lee. He dashes into a phone booth to change his clothes after he sees one criminal mugging an old person. Why did he have to change his clothes to save the old guy? He could have done it wearing his black hood. Well, that’s what it is and that’s why we love him. That’s why he is a sick head. Alright, take a look at these five reasons why everyone is in love with Deadpool.

1) Deadpool is quite heroic at times


Deadpool is quite a complex character. He doesn’t have a big list of his heroic deeds, but he ends up doing something which is just so emotional and touching and makes us fall for him all the time. These are the times when we think of him as a real hero. Do you remember what he did when Archangel was on the edge of death, he actually brought him back to life?

2) He is too funny to take life or for that matter anyone too seriously.


Deadpool’s main power is his accelerated healing factor, thus he can heal easily than an average human being. Well, cancer which he had is definitely an exception. The tumor which spread across his whole body made his boy outrageously disfigured. But still, he is crazy.

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