10 Marvel Villains Falcon Could Face as The Next Captain America

With the world reeling with the loss of their two most beloved Marvel Superhero icons – Iron Man and Captain America, Marvel Studios has started preparation for its next phase for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home has revealed that Peter Parker is being positioned as the next Iron Man figure of the MCU. The mantle of the Super Soldier, on the other hand, has passed down to Falcon aka Sam Wilson. The new Captain America is all set to rock the Big Screen and we are still unsure as to what the bad guys he faces will be. There are a lot of classic Captain America villains that Marvel Studios could use to launch Falcon’s career as the new Super Soldier.  Presenting – 10 Marvel Villains Falcon could face as the next Captain America!!

 10. Master Man

Falcon Captain America Marvel

Master Man was originally a Nazi sympathizer who decided to turn himself to Nazi scientists, his body being used for inhuman experiments. The goal of the scientists in question was to create the Nazi Super Soldier. What they actually ended up creating was not a super soldier but a superhuman. Master Man not only had superhuman physical attributes of strength (able to lift 50 tons) and durability (impervious to small arms fire and rockets) but also telekinetic abilities. He could use his telekinetic abilities to push and pull objects and simulate the power of flight. Master Man is a formidable opponent and will help connect Falcon to the first Captain America’s World War Two past.

 9. Batroc the Leaper

Falcon Captain America Marvel

Batroc was one of the secondary villains we saw at the beginning of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Captain America easily defeats Batroc and he is then handed over the Shield (Hydra in disguise) authorities. Batroc the Leaper is one of Marvel Comics’ greatest fighters who has given Captain America enough trouble for him to be considered as a worthy opponent of the star-spangled superhero. He deserves another shot at stardom and the Falcon as Captain America can help provide that. Batroc also happens to be one of the only villainous characters that are directly connected to Steve Rogers’ past life as Captain America. Batroc has no super-powers but has a brilliant tactical mind and close combat skills. What else do you need from a Captain America Villain?

 8. Arnim Zola

Falcon Captain America Marvel

Arnim Zola was a Swiss scientist under the employment of the Red Skull. His inventions helped Hydra achieve miraculous victories. After the Second World War, Zola was taken to the United States where he helped form shield. He later contracted cancer and in a bid to save his life, transferred his consciousness into a machine. Zola is now effectively immortal, living as an age-less digital entity. The Winter Soldier saw Zola’a databanks being destroyed and he was shown to be ‘killed’. But the truth is he could have just used the internet to upload his consciousness to somewhere else. Zola’s wondrous brilliance in the field of biology, robotics, neuroscience and advanced weaponry design has always proved to be the bane of the Avengers in the comics. Falcon will find it very hard to defeat him in battle.

 7. M.O.D.O.K

Falcon Captain America Marvel

MODOK’s real name is George Tarleton. He was kidnapped by Advanced Idea Mechanics scientists and conducted experiments upon. MODOK was the result of A.I.M’s attempt to create an organic super-computer to help the scientists formulate strategies to counter unknown scenarios. The giant floating head would soon murder all the scientists that created him and take over A.I.M as the “Scientist Supreme”. MODOK is one of Marvel Comics universe’s greatest minds. He is able to predict enemy moves and counter moves even before they make them. He is also a rather classic Captain America Villain.

 6. Taskmaster

Falcon Captain America Marvel

Taskmaster is just an ordinary guy with incredibly extraordinary martial arts prowess. Taskmaster has a very unique ability – he can copy the fighting style of any person he sees once he has observed him. This makes him a formidable opponent to defeat the more you face him. Taskmaster is not actually a villain but an anti-hero and mercenary for hire. He will provide his services to whoever offers him more money. He is responsible for training Hydra agents and teaching them close quarter combat and espionage skills. Taskmaster would be the perfect villain for Falcon to face in a standalone Captain America movie. But sources claim he has already been chosen to be the villain in the new Falcon – Winter Soldier TV series.

 5. Sin

Falcon Captain America Marvel

Sinthia Schmidt is the daughter of the Red Skull. She was born to a peasant washerwoman who died giving birth to her. Sinthia was soon taken in by Susan Scarbo, who filled her childhood with agony, pain, and hatred. Sinthia grew up to become a monster, worthy of being called her father’s daughter. When the Red Skull was revealed to be dying, Sinthia agreed to accelerate her age using modern technology to become an adult and become Sin. Susan Scarbo then created four super-powered allies for Sin called the “Sister of Sin” – Agony, Dream, Pleasure, and Death. One of the greatest achievements of Sin was to help the Red Skull transfer his mind into the body of Steve Rogers.

 4. Hydra Captain America

Falcon Captain America Marvel

With Spiderman: Far From Home’s trailer, we can no confirm that the Marvel Cinematic universe is all set to entertain the concept of a Multi-Verse. And that brings us to the topic of Hydra Captain America. In 2016, Marvel Comics released a Captain America issue which might be considered the most controversial Marvel Comics storyline in recent years. Captain America turned out to be a Hydra agent, working as their sleeper agent within Shield all along. We know that Captain America is retired now but what if there was an alternate universe where Captain America was a Hydra agent and he found his way to the mainstream MCU. Falcon would have a field day testing out his abilities as the new Captain America against the legendary Steve Rogers.

 3. US Agent

Falcon Captain America Marvel

US Agent is not a villain. He is one of the good guys. But he has had his downsides. US Agent is basically Captain America if he decided to become a government stooge and work for the interest of the government instead of the people like the Real Cap does. When Steve Rogers gave up the mantle of Captain America and the Falcon took over, some people were not happy with Sam Wilson becoming the new Star-Spangled Soldier. One of the guys who had a physical altercation with Falcon was US Agent, who deemed Sam Wilson to be unworthy of the Shield and tried to usurp his throne. If Falcon becomes the new Captain America, there will be a lot of people in the MCU that will oppose him. US Agent could be portrayed as one of the guys leading the charge.

 2. The Thunderbolts

Falcon Captain America Marvel

The Thunderbolts are a team of super-villains that come together to stop the Avengers after they realize their skills are better utilized if used in unison. After 22 movies, the MCU has created a vast array of supervillains, many of whom are still alive and kicking. Justin Hammer, the Red Skull, Zemo, General Thunderbolt Ross are just to name a few. The Thunderbolts are going to be one hell of an adversary for the Falcon, who will be outnumbered, outgunned outsmarted and outmatched. It would be quite interesting to see how the Falcon gets out of this fix.

 1. Doctor Doom

Falcon Captain America Marvel

When someone asks you – “Who is the greatest Marvel Super Villain of all time” do not say Thanos or Galactus. The answer is always Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom is a combination of Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Black Panther. He is the King of Latveria and thus whatever he does, he would still enjoy diplomatic immunity and the governments of the world cannot touch him. He is one of the world’s most powerful magicians ever, with enough mystical skills to outclass Doctor Strange. He is also one of Marvel Universe’s smartest minds alive. Using his arcane and scientific know-how, he would prove to be more than a match for the new Captain America.


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