5 Reasons Why Everyone Is In Love With Deadpool

3) He gets very easily with anyone and everyone.


You can consider Deadpool as the class clown of the Marvel universe. Remember how he easily got connected to a blind lady he lived with, in 2016 movie Deadpool. But because of this, he has had enemies too. But that’s how it is.

4) He never discriminates.


One of Deadpool’s most inspirational characteristics is that he is not really aligned with any particular faction in the Marvel universe. He is not really a good or a bad chap. He is just like a guy next door types, I mean a guy who enjoys killing people and getting paid for it.

5) He practices what he preaches and takes stands for what he believes is right.

5 deadpool

No matter what his beliefs are he always takes a stand. I am sure you haven’t seen many superheroes who have such firm, staunch and challenging convictions.

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