3 Reasons why WWE Tag Team Segment needs a ‘New Day’

Since a long time The New Day is ruling the tag team segment. Apparently there is no proper tag team except a few. New Day is also one of the most entertaining trio of the show. But is it doing any good for the segment? Week after week a team is plotted in the ring with the new day only to start a feud among them. Recently it is Y2AJ who faced the same. Here are four reasons why the tag team segment needs to get over NEW DAY.


Once upon a time the tag team championship was considered as one of the most vital title of the company. The greatest of the industry has won the championship. In fact four wrestlers fighting in the same ring is always entertaining than any other fights. Now WWE is out of heavyweight tag teams and the reason for it is they never change the day. Watching the same story every week is boring like hell. We all know that ‘New Day’ will win due to an extra man advantage and introduce the same comic elements again and again. The story needs to be changed. WWE universe deserves a better story in return of their much valued time.

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