10 Marvel and DC Superheroes Who Have Really Hot Butts

Superheroes are usually famous for their various abilities, strengths, personalities and other various aspects. One very unique aspect out of these is surprisingly very common in many Superheroes. Here is a list of Superheroes who are popular for having amazing butts.


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Comics have really evolved with time and they are more boldly portraying sexuality now more than ever. Starfire, an alien from another planet can start initial communication only through physical contact and thus be created to look extremely sexy. So, it is no surprise that she is literally famous for her ass.



The new comic book writers have made sure that Spiderman’s masculine butt was the one to be noticed through his Skin tight costume, especially in the new Amazing Spider-man comic series. Well, he actually beats Black Cat in that department. The movies are yet to particularly portray this area of Spider-man. Hopefully, teenage girls get a good look at it in the Homecoming sequels.

Power Girl

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Well, Power Girl is more often known for her amazing chest and her ass does not get the amount of attention that it actually deserves. But, when you look at her costume, not only is she wearing very little up top, but she is also wearing very little down below. She doesn’t wear pants, for instance.


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If fans were not happy with the character story of Psylocke in the last X-Men movie, i.e. X-Men Apocalypse, they were surely happy with what Olivia Munn had to offer. The character did not get a lot to do in the movie but we all loved the how she looked in the movie. The makers had nailed her physicality and an actor with a great ass was cast for the role.


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No matter how big a superhero might be, it would not stop people to look at them from a sexual angle. She-Hulk, for instance, was designed in such a way, that she does not lose her sexiness even after transforming into a giant Green Rage Monster. Unlike her male counterpart who really bulks up while transforming, She-Hulk still stays hot and has a great display of her ass.

Black Canary

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Dinah Drake version of Black Canary, in particular, is known for her ravishing looks and Kick-ass combat skills along with her high pitch sonic powers. Her outfit is quite revealing and the designers focus on that especially. She probably has the best ass in the entire Superhero Universe. We can see an example of that in the latest Injustice 2 game as well as CW’s Arrow.


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Being more of an anti-hero, Catwoman does really look sassy in that leather outfit. The Anne Hathaway version in The Dark Knight Rises particularly is a prime example of this. She literally killed it and it was perfect casting by Christopher Nolan. The Outfit was also great and it showed off her butt pretty well.


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Dick Grayson is known for many things, being the first Robin, a master in hand to hand combat, being excellent with the ladies, and being really kick ass. But the most important feature of his popularity is his butt. In every version of Nightwing, the designers have primarily focussed on giving Dick a great ass along with a charming personality. He is now getting his own solo movie in the DCEU and we hope that whoever gets cast in the role, should have a great masculine ass.

Harley Quinn

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Even though she was created for a children’s animated series, Harley Quinn has almost always been a bit of a sexual character. After the casting for Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad happened and seeing Margot Robie’s performance in the movie we all knew that she and her ass was the best thing about the movie along with Will Smith’s Dead-Shot.

Black Widow

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Out of what we have seen out of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in the MCU, we have loved her in every bit of what she has done. Every MCU movie in which she appears, there is always a shot taken because of which Widow has risen from nowhere to the top of this list. Every MCU movie that has ScarJo’s Black Widow has a particular shot which displays her Ass in her costume. That maybe the reason why MCU is at the top right now.

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