The Villains Trend of Thor Movies Should Be Broken With Love and Thunder

We are going to see a lot of projects from the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year. Most of these projects will be sequels to the solo ventures of the Avengers’ characters we have seen before. With each new project, we will get to see some rather interesting villains make their debut in the MCU. The most exciting amongst the villains we will get to see this year include Gorr the Butcher with Christian Bale being roped into taking the role. There is a pattern in most of the Thor films regarding the villains which might affect the narrative if utilized again. So, the particular villains trend of Thor films should be avoided in Love and Thunder.

Thor 4

There are a lot of exciting things that we are going to witness in the upcoming Thor sequel. This entry will mark the first time that an MCU hero has gotten four solo ventures. It will feature a lot of characters from the MCU and at the same time, it will mark the debut of some other interesting characters. We will get to see Thor and his friends along with the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time after the events of Endgame. While a lot of details regarding the movies have been kept under wraps, there is hardly much known about Gorr the Butcher who will be the prime antagonist in the movie.


Villains Trend of Thor

Ever since it was announced that Christian Bale will be playing Gorr the Butcher, there has been a lot of excitement regarding the character. The actor has done a lot of comic book characters in the past but this will be his first appearance in an MCU film. Since Russell Crowe will be playing Greek God Zeus in the movie, there have been theories regarding how we will see them appear. One of the most interesting theories suggests that Gorr will be motivated to kill Zeus and that’s how he will come across Thor in the movie. This is inspired by the comic books and Gorr has a lot of potential as a character.


The Villains Trend of Thor Movies

There is a very common narrative in superhero movies where we get to see the villains having a one-time appearance. This has happened quite a lot of times in the MCU movies and one can see that this happened in the last two Thor films. We saw that Malekith appeared in Thor: The Dark World and ended up dying due to getting crushed by his own ship. At the same time, Hela, the God of Death got impaled by Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok. Both of these villains had a lot of potentials and could have served a greater purpose than we got to see them do in their respective movies. Thor 4 can actually break this tradition with its villain.


Gorr the Butcher In Eternals Sequel

If Thor 4 manages to break the tradition and save the villain then it might end up being an interesting move from the franchise. Based on Gorr’s narrative, he is on a quest to kill every god that exists across the universe. We can see his arc actually change considering a significant development has taken place in the MCU following the release of Eternals. Eternals showed us that Olympia doesn’t exist and it is the Celestials who task the Eternals to go to different planets and await the emergence. This means that the Gods don’t actually exist and the Celestials have taken over that figure instead. We could actually see a narrative where the emergence could have led to the destruction of his own planet.


Villains Trend of Thor

If this arc is followed then we might actually see Gorr as the prime antagonist in the Eternals sequel. This could further be complicated by the fact that he might end up being an anti-villain character since the Eternals themselves will go against the Celestials. We have to find out how MCU adapts the character of Gorr the Butcher as that might open up some interesting possibilities. It would be a waste to see an actor like Christian Bale appear in the MCU for a single movie.


Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters worldwide on July 8.

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